why is it so hard to eat clean?

One of my goals for August is eating clean and ditching the junk, however, in the five days since August had started, I’ve already failed. Yes. I didn’t even last a whole 48 hours. It was easy to fail. Sunday night, after a long day of work, I decided to watch some TV (the only TV show I follow, The Strain) and almost automatically, my hands picked up a bag of kettle chips and ripped the bag open (and for those of you who’ve had kettle chips, you know what I’m talking about). It isn’t until almost half way through the show and half way through that bag of chips, I realized…Opps.

I should’ve thrown that bag of chips out in July. Alas, I guess I was hoping I’d be leaving the chips for others. Except not.

I realized, there’s more to ditching a habit than just stopping 1 behaviour. Habits are made up of multiple factors and behaviours. For example, why do you always walk the same route to the bus stop, versus, choosing a new route to walk every single time? You might say, ‘oh I’ve always walked that way,’ or ‘it’s the quickest way I know,’ so I’m going to stick to it. But how would you break that habit for example? Getting a new means of transport? Getting a car for example. You’d undoubtedly use the car more than the bus. There’s no waiting period at a bus stop, you simply hop in and go. It’s way easier and save you time on the road and overtime you get used to it.

So this got me thinking, not only do I need to consciously make the decision to clean up my diet, but I also need to support good habits when I swap them out. A part of ditching the old is about building the new. It isn’t about ‘fighting bad habits’ per se, but swapping them out with better ones.

For example, in case of diet, instead of bread or pastries, have oatmeal in a tupperware handy all the time so you can grab and go (I also realized just how much bread I eat…yes, because it’s simple easy and convenient, you could make a sandwich and eat on the go, like I did on Sunday.)


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