make your goals explicit

We all have goals, hopes and dreams. No matter where you are in life, there’s always something we’re working toward, something we’re looking forward to. I’m a big fan of efficiency and accomplishing exactly what I set out to do. And theoretically, people would guess, this requires only iron will and tenacity. Only, as I’ve found, willpower and tenacity are not enough. While willpower and perseverance undoubtedly play a big part of achievement, however there are other details people often overlook, like the process of achievement.

A functional plan and make it explicit: like the saying goes, ‘a dream without a plan is just a wish’, you’d need a fully fool-proof and functional plan to achieve your goals. This isn’t something that you can simply ‘think’ about as you’d very easily forget it the next day. You’d actually have to sit down with yourself and come up with a rudimentary plan, or a plan you think would work best.

Put your functional plan in motion: yes, here’s the part where some start to falter. They now have a plan. However, if the plan is tucked away in a journal, or otherwise misplaced, it makes following through difficult. Out of sight and out of mind applies here. What you want to do is to make your plan explicit and follow through.

Adjust your plan and goal accordingly: often times, when you put a plan in motion, you’d notice that your expectations and reality don’t really match up. This calls for adjustment. Either giving yourself more time for your goals, or adjusting the goals slightly to fit what is achievable. This is also where I notice people start to ‘quit’ because they realize that their ‘goals’ are not ‘realistic’ so why even bother. However, my personal opinion is that improvements are still improvements and you’ll never know what they might lead you to.

Learn new things along the way: I’m a firm believer that learning do not end, everyday is a new learning experience. The other day, I was at a conference and this is what I’ve noticed. The older generation, as in my grandparents’ generation whom the general population would imagine might not be so tech-savvy, can be taught to use new technology as quick as any other generation. What I’ve observed is that, with a little extra patience, you could teach the elderly to use technology, but the premise has to be, they’re open for learning. So be open to learning, it’s never too early or too late!

Celebrate your progress:  And finally, whether you achieved the goal you set out for yourself or not, at the end (if you followed through) you’ll no doubt see progress along the way and in the end, I encourage you to celebrate the progress, the journey, rather than the end result – because the victory is only at the very end of the journey, but the journey itself moved you to where you want to be. So celebrate!


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