how to earn miles for free flights

Or if you’re like me and you wondered, just how many cross-continental / transatlantic flights you need to take for you to score a freebie or deeply discounted return journey on an airline, or particularly in my case  AirFrance and KLM. I’m a FlyingBlue member, as well as Lufthansa Miles&More member. I was curious and bored enough to look this up on those carriers.

Approximately, a single trip from North America to Europe economy class starts at a cost of around 25,000 or 30,000 miles, and the return would cost around the same 25,000 or 30,000 miles.

What this means is that you would need a minimum of 50,000 miles to score a deeply discounted ticket. And personally 50,000 miles is not a whole lot of miles – 50,000 miles is the equivalent of flying roughly 16 return journeys from North America to Europe (on a fixed date non-refundable ticket, at around 3300 miles / to and return).

Still, 16 journeys, in my honest opinion, is not a whole lot. Especially since you could also pick up miles here and there by flying with them in continental Europe.

I had a look over KLM’s site, for the price of a return journey from Stockholm to Amsterdam with checked luggage is only around 110 EURO + 10 EURO (if you decide to check luggage), at that price level it is extremely reasonable, as with budget airlines, checked baggage are often a separate add-on and there’s a lower weight limit at a higher cost, and of course, food and drink are up for purchase.

So yes, there you go. My tips would be finding one program, or an airline you’re really partial to and sticking to it. Make sure your account’s active by making sure you fly often and when you do, stick with their services.


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