life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it

Woah, can you believe we’re already in August?

A part of me is still reeling from the shock that we’re almost done with 2/3 of the year (or 66.67% for those of you that like percent over fractions.) Except, I find that to be an numerical illusion – because August had just begun, hence we still have 5 months left instead of 4. Hah.


Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 9.56.03 PM

So, do not panic, there’s still 42% of the year left (which is better than 33.33%, am I right?)

Quick recap on the 3 goals I set out for myself for July, how well did I do on completing them?

Let’s just say, aside for 1. The exercise regime. I did well for 2 and 3.

I also want to add that, goal #2 led me to become more assertive. Not letting anyone waste my time anymore. In turn, I lost more ‘friends’, except I met and became friends with some pretty awesome people! Proof of life goes on, you know. Why dwell? Ever. Just don’t.

And a goal that wasn’t even listed in the goal list since I thought having 4 personal goals for July might’ve been a tad bit ambitious – the 4th hidden goal is just to write everyday, document how the day went, may it be in blog form or actually scribbling in a journal. What I found was clarity. I’m more organized when I write and revaluate at the end of the day and became better organized in general, so yay!

And why I failed at goal #1? Having a regular exercise regime?

In short, so many reasons: failed to prepare the night before, not going to bed early enough, having electronic devices in the bedroom, not making it a propriety, coming up excuses like ‘it’s too dark outside’ (yes…that’s my excuse), coming up with even more excuses like ‘what if there’s wild animals running around’ (they just never stop.) and not incorporating them into my actual routine. So for the month of August, I’m just going to exercise-hack into a solid exercise regime to see what really works! So stayed tuned for some random tips on how to make that workout stick in your busy schedule.

On top of that, I’ve also came up with quite a few outrageous things I want to get done in August – because, why not? 42% yo! If that was my phone battery, I’d be panicking right now. So I’m just gonna super-charge into September – kind of like a final home stretch before I hit the finish line at my mini mid-September excursion in Copenhagen. So what are these outrageous goals I’m shooting for?


  1. Leave electronic devices outside of my bedroom: aka, kicking laptop, phone, anything with blue-light would be off my bed and out the door. Goodbye. No more working in bed (talk about bad work hygiene, like associating work with bed is probably not a good thing in the first place). Vegging out in bed, catching up The Strain (which is the only TV show I follow right now and it’s really awesome imo, too bad it’s also really gory and action filled!) just before bed too…I can already imagine how hard it’s going to be, not being able to check anything while I’m in my room. Like, help! I’d be so disconnected??? But the one positive I can think that would come from this is that, my phone alarm would go off outside the door and I would have to get up to turn it off…yes…I would actually have to get up (as in, the phone alarm would accomplish the exact task it was meant for, fail proof, genius and potentially a pain…for me, but I’ll get up early.)
  2. Ditch the processed foods: aka, internally screaming…AAAAH!!! Admittedly, I have really…questionable dietary habits. Like some of you out there, I really like my convenience, why cook when you could just open up a bag of whatever and munch…see while I don’t do this too often, I definitely notice a difference. On the days I eat ‘badly’, I have really low energy and feel like I have to sleep 12 hours just to function. Ouch. On the other hand, if I just cooked everything from scratch and ate healthier things for breakfast, lunch and dinner. I would have more energy to do things, which leads to better productivity – and I wouldn’t be so reliant on caffeine…
  3. Say ‘NO’ to everything that doesn’t make me happy: so I shed some ‘friends; recently and I don’t know. I actually feel better. Like I said to someone today, “there’s no point in holding onto things that doesn’t do you any good but stress you out. Nor does it make sense to invest your time in things that doesn’t make you better as a person. Or you know, things you are half-hearted about because you know it won’t work.” So I decided to make myself unavailable to those who always seem to have opinions about issues that doesn’t interest or concern me. I say ‘NO’ to those whom I’ve given my time to listen to and gave helpful advice to over and over again, yet still, they themselves are stuck in some feedback loop that guarantees misery. Everyone deserves to be happy. Your friend deserves to be happy and you deserve to be happy too. It’s not your job to make someone happy, unless that person is yourself. This is not selfish. It’s just the truth. The same can be said just about any other obligation you might have, do you really need this? Is it making you better? Or is it time for a change?
  4. Get outside and stay outside more with friends: the other day I was in the park with a friend, we’re just lazing about on the grass having a chat and a laugh. And when I went home, I would rate my happiness scale at a 7 or 8. And I realized, had I not asked if she wanted to hangout that afternoon in person during our Facebook chat, we would’ve spent the afternoon messaging each other through Facebook, except it just isn’t the same.
  5. READ 20 BOOKS: say…what? Who has the time for that right? I have…insert lame excuses here, like it’s too dark to run outside…and there might be wild animals. Um, I don’t have time, but I’m going to do it anyways!!! #outrageousgoalshereIcome.

So those are my outrageous goals for August (and I’m so excited, can you tell?!)! Are you betting on me succeeding? What are some of your personal goals for the month?


4 thoughts on “life is not a dress rehearsal, this is it

  1. They re great goals!!!! I’ve tackled the processed food one and the electronics stay downstairs …. I want to de-clutter a few spaces in my house and work on goals of my business!! Thanks for reminder that time isn’t standing still!!

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