time versus money debacle, would you spend extra to save yourself grief?

So, recently I realized, I made a dumb mistake – possibly because I found a more efficient way to accomplish the task and I should’ve researched better before I hastily made the decision.

It is way cheaper to fly out of Los Angeles LAX than Seattle Tacoma, wow, I should’ve realized that before…considering LAX is a much bigger airport. But given the flight time and the distance, I had naively thought shorter distance on a flight would mean lower airfare, again, very naive of an assumption as I just found out that is not the case.

It actually costs less to fly home from LAX than from SeaTac, even though flying home from LAX would be more lengthy of a journey.

The reason is possibly because, “it’s a popular route thing,” people fly in and out of LAX all the time to all sorts of places, hence supply vs. demand vs affordability. Simple economic principle I had not remembered when I was booking.

The sad thing is, I already booked with Virgin America during their flash seat sale and the seats I booked are non adjustable, hence that $$$ on the return ticket, I may not even end up using, is already sunk cost.

If I booked direct to fly back on the 21st instead of the 22nd. I could be in my bed recuperating then getting back to work sooner. Even as I write this, I want to ask myself, where’s my sense of adventure? However,  on the other hand, I’m just imagining myself crying on the trip back, not out of exhaustion but out of the stupid realization the excursion’s over. The airport would be limbo space. Sure, I could easily rough it out in the airport or mingle in the Los Angeles night life if I wanted to. Alas, it’s not where I want to be.

Still, do I want to hand over an extra $150, for the swift trip back home? Or do I actually want to stew in the airport and further contemplate life?

Which one would you choose if you were in my shoes?


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