49 days until I leave for my trip, because I missed the 50 days mark…opps

49 days! I’m so friggin’ excited!

You might be thinking, isn’t it too soon to be excited?

Nah. 49 days is actually not a long time.

I’d actually forgotten all about the trip since the last time I talked to my friend which was approximately a week and a half ago. Instead, I’ve been putting the trip calendar aside for now in favour of work and life. And it turns out, one of my coworker just might be the most down to earth guy I’ve ever had the chance to known.


We just have so much fun at work other people seem to ‘not get it’? It’s possibly because we can both be very out there, but also reserved at the same time. We’re able to laugh at our own mistakes and shrug it off. Not take things too seriously, but at the same time, be very dedicated when called for.

You know, just two kids trying to figure life out and somehow ended up working for the same company. I can’t say that happen a lot, though I can see my coworker is definitely destined for better things. I do wish him the best of luck when ‘we’ (oh yes, we, though he might be later than I. But who knows) get the hell out of there.

We’re big kids with big dreams, just refusing to grow up!

Now, Copenhagen. There’s still much to be done in terms of booking. So yes, I got all my flights, but I haven’t even looked into other amenities such as if I should invest in another Welcome to Copenhagen card (ahem, something I didn’t even use the last time I was there. I essentially wasted $60 because the museums are either closed or close very early during Christmas season, so please don’t do that while you are there. I also didn’t bother to activate my card and just bought tickets with my credit card everywhere since it’s much more accessible. So, check museum hours and how the card actually works when you purchase.

Other than that, I’ve also done really good with penny pitching, after picking up a few extra gigs here and there, so that I might be able to update my wardrobe (that is IF I see something I ‘needed’ and not just ‘wanted’, plus I skipped out on the checked luggage option on my flights to deter any heavy shopping, yes. Smart!)

Still, I’ve noticed a few of my shirts are starting to come apart and its no surprise why – I got them for really cheap or so I’d thought. For five dollars, because I thought I was ‘saving’. No. Never again. I’ve sense realized why things are that cheap and to think that I supported the process. Definitely not. What I’ll end up doing is reorganizing my wardrobe and look for ways to repurpose those shirts to see if I can make something out of them. I’d definitely prefer that than sending them to the landfill.


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