Opps. I’m a tabs hoarder, do you do this too?

I have too many tabs open, too many things bookmarked…too many things to read, to do.

And I don’t even know where, or how to start!

Talk about information overload. Do you often feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information you need to process in a day? I sure do. I recognize this with myself as I’m subscribed to maybe too many media feeds and by the time that it’s 11:00 AM, I find myself with…



41 Tabs.

No wonder I’m always complaining my computer’s too slow…and I’m always thinking I need to get a faster laptop…

When I actually counted just how many miniature thumbnails there were on my screen. It shocked me. Things I’d saved over from three days ago, plus two days ago, plus yesterday overflows into the collection of tabs.

Each tab representing an article, an email or snippet of information that’d grabbed my attention. And here is where it gets tricky, while all of those things might be ‘work’ related, they don’t rank the same in importance and there are those that might seem important but actually are not.

So, what to do? How do you manage? How do you distance yourself from the little herd of tabs you find yourself shepherding? I came up with my own system.

Direct your focus for 10-20 seconds: I’m known for systematically demolishing information and processing them, but I’m also known for having a wandering mind. Hence saving my tabs seem to make sense – except it doesn’t in the long run, because it alludes to that I’m going to spend more, which further alludes to A LOT of time on each and every one of them. Don’t. Give yourself 10-20 seconds to skim the article, if its really engaging, or if you decide it is truly worth your time. Read the whole thing, or else, hit ‘X’.

Devour the content immediately: To get to the root of the problem, we save because we think it’s gonna take a long time to read. That’s often not the case, as you can probably get a feel for the article in 10-20 seconds, so again, if something is worth the read. Devour the words immediately and hit ‘X’.

Decide if the article deserves to be bookmarked: so if tabs are a problem, you don’t even want to know what goes on in my bookmark folder…I used to bookmark everything because I thought I needed them, but most of the time I really didn’t. So, defence is your best bet against bookmark folder cleanup surprises – like why did I save this page of a funny LOLCAT. What was I thinking?

Discover smarter ways to compile material: there are many apps and gadgets out there that make our lives easier and for web browsers you could find extensions. I personally use Pocket, the widget lets you save links to articles and add tags to them for easier retrieval in the future. The service is also easy to use. Now whenever I gauge something is definitely needed for future reference. I pocket it.

And there you have it productivity hack for Monday’s first world problems, staying organized for those who, like me, end up with a disproportion number of tabs that sometimes make me wonder if I should sign up for the show hoarders for hoarding tabs as if my life depended on it. 


2 thoughts on “Opps. I’m a tabs hoarder, do you do this too?

  1. I’m a tab hoarder 🙂 I help out a friend of mine often worth get computer and it freaks her out to have more than one thing open?!?! I easily have 20 or more tabs going on like 3 incognito instances of my Chrome browser plus like Word or Publisher and a photo editing software going…maybe even music playing 🙂

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