cut the crap: weekend edition

“Do you realize how much crap we have in our lives?”

I say this as I down a bowl of cocopuffs…yuck, I’m eating cocopuffs again like I’m 7. Yuck indeed.

What did that past 18 years teach me?

High fructose corn syrup and other preservatives are not things smart people would ingest. And at that exact moment, I rebelliously shoved another spoonful of cereal plus chocolate coloured milk into my mouth.

I didn’t feel particularly smart at the moment.

I just wanted to get eating done.

And the difference is, I wasn’t smiling like I had been when I ate the cereal at 7 years old.

Cocopuffs were not a form of nutritious, balanced breakfast by any means – but as someone who was too busy with her life to get proper food and too stingy to throw the half eaten box out (probably out of concern that would mean her money on the box of cereal was wasted and that at least ingesting more of the cereal she bought, she’d at least get three quarters back before she threw it out.)

The adult life, where it’s much easier to come home to a bowl of cereal or something quick than actually cook. I’ve also seen thirty something year olds settle for ramen noodles and gummy bears at work and of course who can forget the lunch hour rush of businessmen in dapper suits heading for the nearest McDonalds?

I’m no exception to the rule. If healthy food is not in the house and by in the house I mean visible when I’m hungry, I’m probably not going to go, “Hmmm Hummus and Veggies!”

Yeah, that’s just not how life worked and because of what’d happened with being ‘semi-fired’ but not really as it turned out, that’s just work’s way of saying, ‘you ought to be ultra flexible, you might get 40+ or 5 hours, depending on business needs.’ Um still, at least you could’ve given me a heads up in the beginning of the week? Talk about respecting and treating your employees like people.

And this is just one of those weeks where it leans on the 40. Despite the fact, I’d only learned about this on Friday and I had to cancel my weekend plans…again, crap.

It’s like the domino effect, only in this case – the negative version. 

And I really noticed – when one faucet of my life starts malfunctioning, the others will sure follow, though, it shouldn’t be all that surprising. There’s only so much improvising, patching up we could do – if something takes too much effort to maintain or something demands too much of our precious time, something else will sure fall apart. Before you know it, you’re standing in a mess and you wonder how you get there.

Here’s a trick I’ve learned.

Pretend you only have 23 hours in a day and give that 1 hour to yourself to be mindful.

Cut out whatever crap you have in your life.

Turn off the computer, tablet, phone, the TV, unplug landlines if you still have them. There will never be enough time to make those calls, answer those emails and check those accounts in an hour anyways – beside, notice you are home now? Why are you still in work mode? And you better turn off your phone before someone calls you from work at some…insanely late hour.

Just for an hour – be quiet and let yourself rest from everything. There’s no rush. This is your time to freely enjoy. Because if other people don’t give you the respect you deserve, you’ve got to give it to yourself. Make yourself feel that you deserve the rest you so desperately needs. Unplug and reflect and love yourself.

Do it daily.

And notice then, there’d be enough clarity in you to steer clear of the junk food crap aisles and that box of cereal, bag of chips and bar of chocolate. Because you’ll be giving what your body desperately needs instead.

A well deserved thank you, instead of another load of toxins.


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