instead of asking yourself what you want to do with your life, break it into increments

“What do you not mind doing for 12 hours a day, or 16 hours a day straight, if you had to, hypothetically?”

I suspect the answer, despite the variations is gonna boil down to:

“I want to have fun!”

Or in my case: “I want to be having fun creatively, absorbing knowledge and understanding the world around me better than I did yesterday.”

I really do. On top of that I want to keep on learning, keep on growing. There’s a reason why we do the things we do. Why we subscribe to the news channels we subscribe to. Me for example, pay attention to the following:

The Economist
Discovery News

Just to name a few.

These news channels are relevant to my interest out of the million of channels that are out there. I want to be informed about world issues, I want to look further and know what’s going on in the world and make those connections. I think that’s another reason why I started this blog as well. I want to reach, probe and prod through the network and reach out to others I wouldn’t be able to otherwise. Yes.

So from all that, I already summarized. I want to be informed, I want to reach out to people. I want to be expressive, creatively so. I believe in possibilities, innovation, improvements across the board in every industry. There’s always something we could be doing better. And that’s the founding ingredients of something I wouldn’t mind doing for 12 to 16 hours a day.

Notice how this exercise had nothing to do with:

How much other people like me
Making sales calls.
Hitting sales target.
Lead generation.
Know more than one languages.

Because…well, that’s bottom down processing from someone else’s idea what works and what doesn’t – orders issued by the top that trickle down to you, for you to receive the orders and carry on. The thing is though – you’ll always feel that something is missing if you just settle, or you know ‘consume’ your way into happiness but really it’s a vicious cycle of hedonistic treadmill that gets no one anywhere.

So how can I achieve that. How can I portion out my time so that I’m in control of most things?

Reverse the top down process, into bottom up process.

Be organic about what you want, negotiate your head off. Don’t stop until you get what you deserve and nothing less.


2 thoughts on “instead of asking yourself what you want to do with your life, break it into increments

  1. When I started my current job over two years ago I asked for a 32 hour work week. I was told that it wasn’t possible. Since January I’ve been working a 32 hour work week, Tuesday through Friday. It took a little while but I finally got what I wanted.

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