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So you might ask, how did this come about on a Tuesday night?

Answer: a dose of boredom mixed in with procrastination and anticipation of tomorrow.

I’ve been playing around on this site for a while now, in fact I’ve used it to gauge how much money I should take with me on trips in the past and what sorts of damage I was going to do to my bank account and what I realized is that the more I look at Berlin, the more attractive of a city it becomes for 20 somethings, reflecting upon my experience:

1. It’s the capital city of Germany, situated right in the middle of Europe. Um, so of course I’m just sitting here salivating (yes you read that right) at the thought of possibilities of mobility of hopping from one city to another on the train…or plane…EasyJet, why not.

2. The city is very affordable, it’s probably one of the most affordable capitals in western Europe, if you’re not counting Prague, which is unbelievably cheap for Europe and the trend or so I hear is that the further you go in the east the cheaper it gets.

3. But let’s go back to Berlin – another thing that’s attractive about the city is the CULTURE. If you’ve ever been to Berlin you’d know what I’m talking about. The city is really hip, in your face. The west and the east, I would argue even to this day suffers from some disconnection due to the divide that separated them for years. Still, the polarity of the city gives it a distinct experience. i.e it attracts people from all walks of life. Oh yes, from my knowledge it’s vastly international, diverse, and unique.

4. The entire city has a grungy feel to it and has serious weather attitude problems during the winter – did I mention it was cold and hailed while I was there? (Why am I listing this as a positive, I don’t know…) I hear it has a lot of thunderstorms too in the summer… (I’ve seen some Instagram posts)

5. Berlin, as much as I love Amsterdam, there’s just a more serious work vibe (maybe this is a bias) when you mention Berlin. So work and play balance? Because I suspect if I was in Amsterdam, it’d be play and no work and that’s no good.

So yes, Berlin, Germany. You’re on my list.


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