take action, lead by example

“If only I was in charge…”

If I had a dollar for every time I heard this quote, then I’d be well off, or you know how the saying goes.

This is something I want to bring to everyone’s attention. Often times, we feel that we’re not in charge of our own lives, or that we must relinquish that charge partially at work for we have to answer to someone high up (superiors).

But I do like to challenge that idea.

If you are the CEO of a corporation – how would you like your employees to behave? Would you want them to just be there to pass the time? Or would you want them to innovate, no matter what their job title is, and be at ease?

It’s not a difficult decision to make.

You might think, but I have to behave a certain way to make people like me.

No. I’m going to tell you right now, that’s a waste of your and everybody else’s energy. There’s a lesson learned here – companies are made up of people and it is through their people that progress are made and profits are generated. Without happy employees a company will suffer, so it’s up to you and your coworkers to make it work.

“But I don’t want to complain, be a negative Nancy, or get fired.”

The thing is though, making suggestions should not be considered ‘complaining’ and if you get fired for speaking your mind – um, maybe it’s time to evaluate just how much your company respected you in the first place.

Here’s a checklist to remind you of the important things:

1. Never underestimate your worth.

2. Never let anyone undermine your self worth.

3. Never settle with something that doesn’t make you 100% happy.

4. Never let anyone intimidate you into silence.

5. Never believe ‘you have something to lose’ (you don’t)

6. Never hold on to something that no longer works in hopes it’ll get better. (it often doesn’t, and true for life/relationships/work).

Here’s a checklist for what you can do instead:

1. Always lead by example: facing resistance and criticism are not excuses to slack off and be unmotivated. Do not victimize yourself. Face up to reality with courage and let the obstacles motivate you, not deter you. As I believe to this day, if you wanted something done, the best is to do it yourself as no one else has the vision and tenacity to move objectives you’re aiming for like you do.

2. Choose your thoughts: it’s pointless getting angry over something you have no control over, like others believes of you or their prejudice or jealousy or the myriad of things they might find ‘wrong’ with you. Instead, focus on the things you have control over, like your thoughts, productivity, habits and your ultimate plans for the future. They can think what they want, but it’s your choice to either listen or not.

3. Live in the ‘now’: be present, not 15 minutes ago, not that meeting in the morning, or think about what’s going to happen in the future – live in the now since the past and future are out of your control.

4. Don’t waste time: again this is about maintaining momentum and moving forward. You don’t have to be perfect to make progress, but you need to make progress if you want to move forward.

5. Take care of yourself: this cannot be stressed enough. I do notice that sometimes I get frustrated with certain things in my life and all my habits become less than ideal. i.e not sleeping much, or eating healthy, caffeinating in the afternoon, not going for runs, staying up too late. Yes. It happens. I recognize it happens. But I’m also keen on minimizing these mishaps by following through with my routine, shutting down and relaxing can do more good in the long run than you think. So don’t think you’re getting away with less than 6 hours of sleep and being ‘super productive’ that way, or that you’re saving time by eating fast food. It all adds up and your productivity will suffer. Treat yourself right.

6. Practice gratitude: this is so important, practice gratitude. Count the people that you love and how wonderful it is that you have them in your lives. I refrain from practicing gratitude in terms of counting material things because those things again, matter very little. It’s the relationships and the connections that you have with people that enriches life.


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