how to save more on everyday things

There’s one simple rule in saving, INCOME > SPENDING, the difference is your SAVINGS. To increase your saving, you’d either have to increase income, which is sometimes difficult for some, or decrease spending, which is again, not that easy to achieve.

I’ve gone through my credit card statement for last month which is greatly reduced from the month before, but it’s still far from ideal – for example I found that on somedays I would spend up to 10 dollars on seemingly nothing, gum/bottled water/a snack. 10 dollars is not a whole lot but considering it happened more than once, it really added up. Better organization is needed. Still, I’ve been able to cut down on spending with these tips.

1. Ask yourself, “do you really need it?” – This is probably by far the best saving tip. Just not buying something. A lot of the times I look at something and I want to buy it but then I remind myself, I actually don’t need it at all. It’s only a want, not a need. Distinguish needs from wants, if you want to save money. Walk straight past the temptations if you have to.

2. Just drink ‘water’ – no juice, no alcohol, no fancy drinks. Just fill up a bottle with tap water and bring with you everywhere. You’ll stay hydrated without having to spend.

3. Bring your own – This goes with #2 includes, lunch, bottled water, gum…etc. If you’re prepared and buy your own, you don’t need to spend extra or waste time finding them when you need them.

4. Meal prep – this kinda ties into #3 and its not exclusive to fitness fanatics anymore. See what’s on sale at your local grocer and plan accordingly. Then,  meal prep – make a whole batch on Wednesday and Sunday then prep for days to come in tupperware then grab and go. Food costs can be reduced greatly this way, not to mention you’ll eat healthier too knowing exactly what’s in your food.

5. Borrow – if there’s something you need but cost a lot, ask around. See if someone can lend you these items.

6. Fix things instead of replacing them – this is somewhat old school for me. I did used to see my dad tinkering away with gadgets trying to fix them as if he was a doctor and the gadgets were his patients. I never saw the need, since you could always find ‘new’ things out there. Then I realized, it was just an excuse for myself to spend more money. Now, I agree with my dad. If you could fix it, why would you spend extra for something you don’t really need? Plus, you’ll be doing your part in making sure something still usable is not going to the landfill, therefore helping the environment. 

7. Cancel memberships and subscriptions – this goes for gym and magazines and anything you could think of. Gym, since it’s summer, its more practical than ever to go outside and get some fresh air. You could get the same gym workout, outside of a gym – i.e: run and do bodyweight exercises somewhere that’s as effective as running on a treadmill. There’s also other options such as a community centre or free meet up fitness groups, many options out there than joining a gym. Subscription wise, I just use the internet now for news. I don’t even watch TV.

8. Use a reward credit card with no fee – I know a lot of people recommend cash, but I’d rather use cash-back credit card that pays me a few bucks back at the end of the year.

9. Find free entertainment instead – get creative, there are many out there, better yet, call your friends, go outside for a game of frizbee or beach volleyball. You’ll get a workout in and will have fun and catch up at the same time. 

So these are 9 tips I can think of off the top of my head. If you have any tips of your own, please feel free to share in the comment section!


13 thoughts on “how to save more on everyday things

  1. I like these tips and even if I might have heard some of them before: I really need to be reminded of these things to get them into my head (some say that’s what Marc Aurel did, when he wrote his famous book).
    To tip number 6 I would like to add: it not only saves money and is good for the environment, to avoid producing waste by repairing things, repairing can also be fun and lead to a better understanding of the things that you use everyday. So it can be a great source of entertainment and education.
    About tip number 7: I have come to view memberships and subscriptions as a kind of debt and therefore avoid them as far as I can. To me a monthly fee is in reality a debt, when there is no way to quit the subscription of the membership before the time it expires which is mostly the case with gyms or telephones.

    1. Hi Knut,

      Thank you for your inputs! I know, these are not very original, but it just makes them more universally true. People often forget the simple equation, INCOME > SPENDING to save you actually have to spend less than you earn. There’s no other way around it. I have friends who would get scared to look at their bank accounts or people who’d joke about how ‘oh my debit card went through when I made that purchase, so it must mean I’m safe!’ …I find that to be a really foolish practice of denial.

      As for #7, that’s smart way to look at it since the bills automatically deducted from your bank account. I remember I ran up my cell service once and it’s just a huge chunk gone from my bank account. Never again.

  2. I’d also add: Get into DIY, as in repurposing old clothes or objects or what have you. I’m also learning to make my own clothes. In a world obsessed with designer labels, such a thing might be termed “cheap” – but frankly, I don’t give a frickin’ hoot! 😀

    1. That’s actually a great idea!! There’s actually a documentary I’m just dying to watch ‘The True Cost’ when people think fashion, they usually think what they see on the billboards they don’t see the exploitation in every rung of the ladder…hah, I love your attitude about things! Will definitely give DIY some thoughts and a go!

      1. Hehe, thank you! And yes, I think DIY is awesome – I’ve been doing it before it became cool. :p There’s a huge sense of accomplishment that comes with putting on/using something you made yourself. I’ve had many people asking me where I bought my Kindle cover from and I tell them I made it. Cue surprise and questions. It’s fun!

        This gets me thinking that I should do a post on all the things I make myself that save me a lot of moolah. Money saved=travel fund, so: YAY!

      2. It really is! I mean you essentially have something that no one else has. The world right now is about mass produced products and it’s in every industry. You’ll be surprised how many people are wearing the same things even though companies want you to think their offerings are unique. It really isn’t. Unless you buy into some way high end fashion like 5000 euro for a silk dress though? Nah, I think I’d rather travel and live with that money haha. You should. There are some ridiculously cheap flight deals out there! If you can, always travel more!

      3. So true!! I’ve always been about handmade/personalized gifts when it is appropriate. Mass produced is okay if it’s something like an appliance, or some such thing. Psst, those ridiculously cheap flight deals, where they at? 😀

    1. Hahaha, I’m looking them up as we speak. Always wanted to catch a ridiculously low priced flight somewhere and crash on someone’s floor. Yes, I have great expectations hah. And what better time to do it than during a night you can’t sleep because of mosquitos…

      1. Let me know if you find something so awesome you have to share it! And I have to admit that this activity (looking for tickets, planning trips) is what’s causing my increasingly late bedtimes!! Still, when I get that deal, the few lost hours of sleep will vanish from memory I’m sure.

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