what would you do ‘if’…?

Recently, I came across this post on Away From The Noise that posed the question, ‘what would you do,’ with conditions that all things are ‘perfect’.

“What would you do?”

I let the questions sink in and steep in my brain, then I turned off the light and went to sleep. In the morning, I woke up the questions became a rough guide to how I could tailor my daily schedule, for the process of answering them provided me with great insight on how I want to live my life from now on.

1. If you had the time? 

“There’s just so much to do!”

“We never have enough time!”

That’s not entirely true. You always have time. It’s just a matter of organization and priority. Ask yourself what’s important to you and organize accordingly. If you shuffled those priorities around I guarantee you’ll have more time and be more fulfilled in your endeavour. Fulfillment is important, because nobody likes to feel like they’ve just wasted so much time. Wasted time is worse than wasted money.

2. If you had the money?

This is a paradox in my opinion. Even if I had the funds now, I would squander it. I wouldn’t be wise. Kind of the paradox why 70% of six figure lottery winners end up broke (according to the IRS) – they squander it – easy come, easy go. I wouldn’t know how to ‘live’ and I have a feeling I’ll just become ‘lazy’ because I wouldn’t really see a need for ‘what next’ – if you took away the process and the struggle, I doubt anyone would be truly satisfied with what they have. Hence, I prefer working hard towards something instead.

3. If you knew what needed to be done? 

Even though I don’t have the blueprint in exact detail. I’m figuring out the steps through trial and error. Failures teach more than successes ever will.

4. If you gave yourself the permission to believe in your own possibilities?

I did and now I feel happier than ever.

5. if you weren’t afraid?

Fear is evolutionary. It is something we’re born with to preserve life. It has protective properties, such as running as fast as possible in the opposite direction when you sense trouble. But it’s also a misleading cue. Things we’re uncomfortable with, often makes us fearful. We’d rather stay safe in a bubble of safety and not take ‘risks’ because we’re trained to be risk adverse. Even this morning, there’s a part of me that just want to stay in bed and sleep in because it’s so comfortable and safe there, but safety doesn’t foster growth. I understand this now. Fear should be a motivator, not a hinderance.

6. if you had whatever you needed to be happy?  

When I first started with these six questions, I thought, “that’s easy, happiness is Amsterdam, Berlin, Copenhagen, Stockholm…” but then I realized, happiness is not a place, nor is it a group of people you’re with, or a city, or a culture. This is actually a conversation I had with my friend, the one that linked me to the last minute flight deal.

“Happiness isn’t a place. If you’re happy with yourself you can be happy anywhere.”

And, I have to agree. It really is. And it actually doesn’t take much for a human being to be happy.

Happiness is loving your life and appreciating every second of it. Never stop believing in your own possibilities and potential. Knocking down life’s challenges and growing stronger with every passing challenge. Whether you succeed or fail. It’s about getting up and trying again through scrapes and cuts. It’s about respecting yourself enough to know that you deserve the best, but also being humble enough to know that there’s always room for improvement. Happiness is a choice. Happiness is also an attitude, a mentality.

Happiness is yours for the taking.

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

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