get more out of your routine

Ah yes, the master plan, though it’s not as evil as it sounds, I promise. 

I talked briefly about keeping a tidy to-do list to make daily tasks more manageable. But what if we embrace that to do list, into something more structured? Rather than blocking off that huge 8-12 (depending on how long your commute is) hours worth of gap for work, what if you’re able to plan your day?

I do realize this is not possible for everyone – though at the moment, it’s semi-possible for me. There are days where I do ‘work’ – as in, apparently, I’m still required to make casual appearances at work though the workload is much reduced and I don’t think it’s gonna look up from there – from, well, the way I seem to step on managements’ toes and my aloof attitude (maybe I’ll even write a post about that, about how faking enthusiasm actually makes me sick to my bones, on how they’re underpaying me for the going rate, and alienating me instead of respecting me as an employee – or maybe I wouldn’t because that means ruminating over petty conflicts, hence, a big waste of time.)

And already that took up too much of this post:

My ideal day – what it would look like

00:00 Sleeping

01:00 Sleeping

02:00 Sleeping

03:00 Zzzz

04:00 Zzzzzz

05:00 Wake up, coffee, workout.

06:00 Come back, shower, breakfast.

07:00 Delegate emails, schedule tasks around day and get on those tasks.

10:00 Take a break, go for a walk, have a snack

11:00 Back to Work

13:00 Lunch time

14:00 Back to Work

17:00 Done for the day, grocery shopping, making dinner time.

18:00 Dinner time.

19:00 ME TIME

20:00 ME TIME

21:00 Getting ready for bedtime / bedtime.

22:00 Sleeping

23:00 Sleeping

Hence, cutting down on commute and getting more of a handle on my day than sitting somewhere (while it’s air-conditioned) and having someone breathe down my (insert flavouring expletive) neck and then get crushed by the jam packed commute that makes you feel like a rotting sardine in a can of rotting sardines…


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