I purposely friendzoned myself

I went on a date last night and I have to say – if I had been 20 instead of 25, I would’ve been immediately smitten.

Physical attractiveness, check.

Athletic, check.

Well educated, check.

Wacky sense of humour, check.

Progressive and open-minded, check.

Could handle me for more than three hours, check.

Actually open to suggestions and wants to try the things I mentioned?

And of course, did I mention exceptionally attractive when you add all the traits I find attractive up?

I proceeded with curiosity mixed in with a healthy dose of caution. Yes, I’m no longer that eager to please girl, neither am I looking for anything serious really – I just want a friend. Someone I can discuss the world with and it helps if they’re smart, athletic, attractive, and shared similar world views.

But then I also thought, wow, is this how like/love is supposed to work nowadays?

Because I also found myself asking the very simple question: ‘would I kiss them’?

I paused on that question and stared at them while we ate…to the point I got a few funny facial expressions in return.

How cute.‘ I thought and weighed the answer.

Given the settling is not some swanky nightclub and I wasn’t drowning in alcohol and perfume… I proceeded like I would any other get together with any other friend.

No kiss. Not even a peck.

Friends though, yes?

Yes. I would like to see them again. Doing something else. The energy is definitely is there, the back and forth bantering is also nice given that we didn’t know each other all that well. We just sort of fell into it. This friendship is definitely worth exploring but I just want it to be that since sure life has a funny way to throw you off your plans and if this becomes too much of a distraction I’d have to keep my priorities top of my list and not squander time like I had before.

I’m still getting out of here when the time comes.

Hence friends, because they last longer. 

And friend zone, might just be a way of saying I really appreciate you and value your company.


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