the mini ice age: I’m actually excited

“Solar activity is predicted to drop by 60 percent in 2030.”

When I first read that headline, I was actually excited.

How can you be you might ask – but let me just tell you – I’m excited because this buys us time – maybe enough time for us to switch to a more sustainable energy source other than fossil fuel.

Humans are causing the globe to warm – and if something like a mini ice age occurs then, perhaps we could buy our species some more time in terms of long term survival.

Other than that, I think it’d also be interesting to see how people would cope in the coming years, would they take the news seriously, would they prepare, or would they just wait until the very last minute – it’d definitely be interesting to see what happens in 2030. Hmm yes, something else to look forward to.

2 thoughts on “the mini ice age: I’m actually excited

  1. I’m going to be pretty old in 2030, so right now I’m focusing more on making changes for the better here and now. But I suspect the mini ice age won’t happen. If it does, I just hope we’ve brought back woolly mammoths by then! 🙂

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