set the deadline, work backwards

“Without a deadline, your goal is just a wish.”

And so it turns out, this morning I woke up to something quite wonderful, or you would think so.

“Virgin America Airlines flash seat sale.”

The headline of the article read as I sat there with my morning coffee and granola with yogurt. I soon scrolled down from the page and onto more articles – without giving it much of a thought.

Then later this afternoon, I got a message from a friend.

“Have you seen this? Flash sale! Ends in an hour!”


Just like that, the same link was once again shoved in front of me, but the difference is, this time, I clicked.

Then it became a roller-coaster ride of me racing against the clock to see if the route I’d wanted was there and coupled with deals from other airlines…

And the verdict?

I’m heading over to Europe sooner than I thought.

Is this wise?

Not if you ask anyone in my immediate circle…

But even as I clicked ‘submit payment’ I can feel almost every single atom in my body vibrate in excitement. It’s as if suddenly coming alive again…and the next thing you know, I was literally out of the door and running around the neighborhood like I’d just won the lottery ticket… (and so maybe I needed this more than ever.)

Why not?

Freedom, I can taste it.

Money I can always make more of.
Time…I can’t. No one can.

Sometimes, you just got to do what you got to do.

I’m not running away, that is clear.

I’m giving myself two deadlines, giving myself another taste of freedom, then coming back to work even harder towards the dream. 

Much like Chip and Kit Gardes at “Wandering” (which by the way is a wonderful travel blog you should all check it out!) said in a comment:

Do it, and one year from today, you can give the one finger salute to the job and take off for a whole year… or more. Good luck to you, and keep up the good fight.

1. No need to give the one finger salute as my butt is now out of the door, and all I have is myself and my skills which I firmly believe will net me enough dough until mid-September. Better yet, I see this as a sign of working on what I always wanted to do with my life and devote my time to that.

2. It won’t be a whole year, but it’ll be a much needed short break before I come back recharged to organize everything else before I leave again in December.

And like, doubledebtsinglewoman commented:

“Travel as much as you can while you can.”

3. I don’t believe in waiting around anymore. There’s much to be learned and experienced out there than ever here. If there’s something I think about every single day no matter how busy I am, then I must go and fulfill that or I’m always going to be left wondering what if, should it be 5 years from now, 15 years from now, or 25 years from now. “What if?” I don’t ever want to be haunted by “What ifs” – I want to live, learn, live some more not according to the blueprint society would tell us to follow, but out of my own blueprint that I’m writing for myself through my actions, day in, day out.

Hence now, a new countdown. I’m giving myself something to be excited about.

70 days until I get on a plane again.

70 days until freedom.

70 days to make it all count!

Oh and I need to tell my friends, as soon as it’s morning in Europe! 


2 thoughts on “set the deadline, work backwards

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words about our blog, and more power to you for organizing your trip so quickly. We know too many people who spend so much time researching, planning, and waiting for the perfect moment to leave that they never get out the door. Go now and don’t look back!

    1. And thank you for the comment, it made me think about my life and how my blog had reflected that. Even in conversations with people in my life, it all seems to be the same old until yesterday, a friend linked me to the flash sale and the same friend told me he’s leaving the city for good because his work permit is up. And then I realized how much life just went back to the same monotonous routine and if I continued on, it would be a year, then another and another without change or progress. Thank you for the nudge in the right direction at the right time!

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