a flat surface is all I need

“You can have my floor, actually I might even have an inflatable mattress lying around somewhere.”

I’d only typed in the surprise through Facebook and I didn’t even mention anything else.

“We have so much catching up to do! You’ll have to come with me to this workshop! And of course we have to go SHOPPING!”

Wow, really?

I’m not even there yet and so much warmth and welcome. But that’s not all, what I do notice is that aside from offering me a place to sleep which I’m eternally grateful for since it would mean I would be saving so much $$$ and also it might as well mean once again Europeans are in my opinion much hospitable in my experience.

Thinking back to all those in house dinners, drinks and just get togethers, my European friends outnumber the non-European ones. And of course out of those parties, theirs had a more relaxed atmosphere. But maybe that’s just me, maybe I just connect better with them for whatever reason.

“Let me at least get the beers then!”

Was all I could reply, geesh, September 16th really can’t come sooner. But at the same time, I know that this journey won’t exactly be the most ‘comfortable’ – case and point, hah.

1. See the time gap between the connecting flights? I’m going to bring my eReader and an extra cushion, especially for the return journey. Heck, since I have a huge block of time, I might even be able to get out of LAX and go sleep on the beach before I fly back on the 22nd #YOLO.

2. I’m flying Norwegian again for the intercontinental legs of the journey and Norwegian is a low-cost airline that charges services as you’d need them. Well, I for one, skimped on the ‘checked luggage’ and ‘meals’ option to bring the return ticket to 389.25 EURO, with 7.5 EURO of Mastercard processing fee, for a grand total of 396.75 EURO.

Yes, you read that right.

396.75 EURO

(which is the equivalent to 437.87 USD)

437.87 USD + 168.20 USD (for SEA > LAX to/return) = 606.07 USD

606.07 USD for a birthday gift is not outrageous, it’s like half a laptop, three pairs of designer jeans or three pairs of shoes. Except I know I wouldn’t care about the material items. Even if I got all three, a new Macbook, the jeans and shoes. I know I would just put them away in my closet and most likely forget about them. But this I wouldn’t. I actually can’t wait for face to face conversations, philosophical discussions and just random shenanigans. Ah yes, the life.


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