save yourself time in 15 minutes

We all have our goals and dreams, ideas and responsibilities. Although these things are hardly tangible, they exist in our mind, at times, like a great ball of tangled yarn.

People have likened their ‘to do list’ to ‘juggling’, then sometimes life throws you the curve ball. It feels a lot like a game of pinball. As soon as you prop the ball up, you worry where it’s going to fall again and if you could catch it in time, and if you do, you’ll find yourself repeating the same process until you miss it and it feels like ‘GAME OVER’.

This is a practice I’d adopted into my day to day life and it’s saved me A LOT of grief in terms of organization.

Don’t just think about what you have to do, or even type it out on an empty document, or save it in the notes of your smartphone.

Write out your to do list!

Yes, I’m quite aware we live in a digital age – but some things are still better when done by hand.


Because, writing things down physically rather than typing them out or thinking about it, makes you remember better.

Also, it’s more visual.

People who write down their goals are more likely to achieve them.

And since you are the sum of the things you do – well, bingo!

You can do this either the night before, or in the morning at the start of your day.

Personally I prefer the latter, it helps me visualize how my day is going to go and gives me directions and a gauge on how many minutes of my day can be allocated to certain activities. Not only does this seemingly outdated practice saves me phone batteries, it also saves me a lot of minutes over decision making. If the decision’s already made and all I need to do is to follow through then I can focus on the task at hand and not worry about trivial things like, where am I going for lunch/dinner and if I need to do task ABC when I’m working on what I’m supposed to be working on.

Preplanning, leads to less cluttering, which leads to better workdays.


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