become better at anything

“Just do it,” – Nike

Although the sportswear giant has its own share of controversies, there is something I definitely agree with:

“Just Do It”

If you want to become better at something, anything, do it.

Practice: whether it be a sport, or a skill you’re trying to pick up.

The secret of becoming better at anything is quite simple:

Do it and repeat.

Don’t believe me?

Think about it, no one was born with ‘knowledge’ or ‘skill’ – we’re born with time and the ability to pick up skills that are useful to us in some ways.

Think about it, we weren’t born with the ability to speak, but through trial and error ,or babbling and mimicking adults in our infancy, we pick up languages through practice i.e “do it and repeat’. In our school years, we’re given (or at least I was) given bundles after bundles of math problems which I absolutely abhorred. I remember thinking, why is it, we’re assigned so much homework that the rest of the evening revolves around homework and dinner – shouldn’t school just be ‘enough’?

Not quite.

To become good enough to ace that test at the end of a term, one has to go through practice.

There’s also another part of ‘do and repeat’ people overlook. I, for one, used to take the short cut, imagine scenarios as if they’d actually happened in my head and operate accordingly. However, the real world does not operate like our personal realities. Just because you think you know how to do something in your head, doesn’t mean it translates as such to the real world.

The only sure way to ace a math test is to do all practice problems so much so that nothing comes as a surprise anymore.

You’re prepared.

Through your dedication and you become knowledgeable and experienced. So much so that nothing surprises you anymore. You want to become better at something?

Go do it.


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