focus friday: your goals

“Let’s go party in Vegas for my birthday!!” 

As fun as that sounds, the logical side of me took over as soon as my friend announced that.

The birthday bash is in August and immediately I began peering into my mental calendar – “no can do.”

Although any other time I would’ve obliged and said yes to the idea since it was relatively cheap in terms of travels – I began realizing I didn’t care for seeing my favourite DJ play at a huge pool party. As in, I valued certain actions more so than others.

While in the past I would’ve felt ‘bad’ for not being able to attend. The me now, at 25 turned the invitation down and reviewed my schedule for the rest of my evening, which just happened to include figuring out a savings plan for Europe on top of other tasks.

It’s not that I’m opposed to having fun. I’m just more focused than ever on what I truly want versus what other people want.

Even if the trip is free, I’d have to think about the time off from work, and the possibility of it derailing me from my future plans. Hence, I’m steering clear.

In a rough estimate, if I just put away $500 bucks extra a month from now until December, which is roughly $2500, I should have a really comfortable month away (since my plane ticket is already paid for.) It’s not a absurdly large amount, though I do have to say, it will be tricky to achieve, since there are traps in almost ever corner i.e: coffee shops, juice bars, actual bars, i.e the other night, I had met up with a friend I had not seen in a very long time to catch up – when it came to the bill it was a cool $40 and with it being summer, it’s officially to the season to go out and stay out until very late.

Fortunately, I see this as challenge accepted for living minimal, just to see how little I need to actually ‘live’ if I didn’t care about the frivolous things in life.


6 thoughts on “focus friday: your goals

    1. Indeed. Sacrifices. Not saying that I don’t enjoy ‘fun’ but I’m more focused on the long term than the short term. There are many distractions in our day to day lives and at times it’s really troublesome to weed through them all. Though, I believe, in the end, it’ll be worth it!

    1. Indeed. I find that as I matured I realized I don’t have all the time in the world and I don’t have time for things that don’t align with my values, hence Vegas would have to wait until another time 🙂

  1. Like you downsized your possessions earlier, now you are downsizing your spending. Take a look at what you spent this time last year and cut it in half. If you have to move, move. If you have to wear just what is in your closet for a year, do so. Vegetables are cheaper than meat and better for you. Do it, and one year from today, you can give the one finger salute to the job and take off for a whole year… or more.
    Good luck to you, and keep up the good fight.

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