what playing hearthstone taught me

Unconventional post, especially coming from a girl who’d given up on video games three years ago when she realized there’s no time to waste and that video games are a great time waster.

So, how was I reintroduced to the game then?

Well, as it turns out, I have reward apps on my phone that rewards me for trying apps out.

Hence, the download and the subsequent reintroduction to the gaming world.

Hearthstone is essentially a card game set in a Dungeons and Dragons world with Yu-gi-oh like playing cards on a mobile, tablet, MAC or PC platform. The players take control of a class of heroes and are assigned a deck of cards accordingly – the ultimate goal is to destroy the opponent before the opponent destroys you (other players, should it be computer or human) and Blizzard had made it possible to achieve this in many, many ways.

But the underlying principle is that – there’s no hand that guarantee a win 100% of the time.

And while playing, at first I was frustrated, since under Player vs PC mode, I would win ALL of the time.

However, when I connected to ‘the real world’ – where it’s Player vs. Player – I found that my newfound pride of ‘winning’ was not only short-lived but that there’s a whole world of tricks and cards to learn – I’d only been exposed to the basics – the real world is all about ‘experience’.

In other words, experience through mistakes, experience through losses, and post-loss evaluations and re-tinkering of the deck…

Sounds familiar?

The goal here is of course, not to ‘win’ at every game, as such perfection is impossible. However, it is possible to improve your rank. Improve your score from 50% win/loss ratio to 60/40, or 70/30 or even better.

Again, does this sound familiar?

Adults often think video games are a waste of time, but what if the player were quick to realize the parallels between the gaming world and the real world and learn something from it?

1. Failures are stepping stones to a better future outcome.

2. Triumph in anything takes a lot of hard work and patience.

3. There’s many ways to achieve success.

4. The goal is not perfection, but progress.

5. Win or loss, the game is to be enjoyed.


4 thoughts on “what playing hearthstone taught me

  1. This is an awesome post really. I’m an avid Hearthstone player and it also has taught me, and I’m sure others as well, to be more patient even when the win is right around the corner. You never know what obstacles can appear at any given moment. Shoot me a follow I post a HS blog maybe you might even like it.

    1. Definitely, and to never give up on hope. I remember one game, I was playing a mage, my opponent was hunter, and by the end I had 4 points left on my health bar while he had 24 – but then, I got lucky, drew the right cards and turned it around with some really careful playing 🙂 It’s a great game.

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