3 goals for july!

As we’re fast approaching July in a couple of hours, depending on where you are in the world, I’m going to share with the internet my goals for July.

1. Workout before work: yes yes yes, this is so important, even if it’s a quick 30 minutes intense workout. Working out keeps me feel balanced and ready to handle the day, whereas I notice on days I skip my workout and hit snooze again I go to work groggy despite how much caffeine I put into my system. So this is a must daily.

2. Live in the present: and not the future, or over-plan. I do notice this when I’m not traveling. I tend to over plan the week and get so frustrated when things don’t go according to my plan or when I have large chunks of time freed up that’s not planned for and I feel that I’m not being effective enough in terms of productivity, when in reality, I should just breathe and not stress so much. Forget yesterday and tomorrow and live ‘today’.

3. Get organized with finances: though I know roughly in my mind how much I have and how much I can put towards certain things, I’ve been neglecting to put those actual numbers down out of sheer laziness. This coming month that is going to change.


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