the spending math

Eating out used to be a luxury, nowadays however, it feels more habitual than ever.

I haven’t really noticed this before since my coworkers and I are so used to it. A quick bite from the nearest cafe, or a quick sit down and chit chat at the quaint little Italian restaurant tucked in a street corner not far from work which by the way, carries some of the creamiest portions of Tiramisu, all seem innocuous.

Innocuous that is until you review your credit card statement for the month.

Did I really SPEND that much?


Of course, these things really add up and since I’ve been very busy lately, my brain haven’t been really on top of my finances.

One of the surest ways to increase income is to work more, yes, but people often forget the other crucial step in retaining their earning.

That is: keeping it.

Yes, somehow, I feel like I’ve been programmed to ‘spend’ because I have more wiggle room to – but then that’s an illusion, given that I actually don’t – since my brain in the present is failing to register when/where I would need the funds later on.

I’ve never been great at saving and neither are most of my friends. At times it just feels plain cruel to turn people down when you know you could go ‘hangout’ per se and catch up over a meal, or a drink, but now I know I have to go and minimize everything and delegate – a beer here and a meal there won’t hurt but I might have to go with the envelope technique and go – when that envelope is empty that’s it! No more going out.

Because as much as I love these food-porn shots and tangy restaurant garden salads, I know for a fact that I’ll enjoy telling adventure stories more than anything else.

So, from now on, July until trip – will be as lean as possible in terms of luxuries. i.e: quickly flashing myself a destination photo whenever I want to buy something that isn’t a necessity. But for what it was worth, from the other day’s lunch, braised lamb with salad from the Italian place…it was yums. 


4 thoughts on “the spending math

  1. People don’t tend to eat out much here in Dunedin (New Zealand) where I live. It’s too expensive. Even a casual pizza meal will set you back $20 a head, and when you work out that you can feed a family of four for that at home, well…

    Alcohol out is even more expensive. I bought myself and a friend ONE DRINK each at a local pub the other night (a cider for me, a beer for him). $22 total. That’s crazy – you can buy a whole slab (a dozen beers) for that at the supermarket! The high cost is mostly due to taxes, but it’s killing the entertainment industry. Everyone just stays home, or entertains at home these days.

    I’d love to eat out more, and my family are wealthy, but I just can’t justify the cost of eating out, not when we’re faced with prices like these. It’s a shame, as I used to enjoy eating out in Australia when I lived there, but I’d rather keep my money in my pocket and stay home.

    1. I have to say that’s the same over here, well, I don’t want to give away which city I’m from, but think West Coast, North America. Coastal. I’m close to the ocean. It’s easy access. But at the same time, everything is very expensive and it can get incredibly hot/dry in the summers here and in reason years, water shortages… Anyways, yeah going out is really expensive. And over here we do tip. I’m not sure if that’s a thing in New Zealand (I’ve never been but it’s definitely on my list. I want to go and hug a sheep? Hah, sorry for the stereotype.) But, eating out here the courtesy of tipping is around 15% of the meal, on top of that, you add the taxes and it adds up to be really expensive. So everybody works insanely hard, and hustles because it’s just…well I have to say it’s unsustainable in a way? I have friends who work two or three jobs just to keep their tiny apartments in the city. It’s really a headache and makes me wonder if this is like…’it’ you know, this uncontrolled spending, expectations and always aiming for ‘more’ when…if they slowed down and looked at life, maybe it’s not about how much stuff they own or how much they spend on fancy things.

      Yeah I understand that. Maybe you should treat yourself once in a while, maybe not in NZ but when you visit Australia or some other places. I love trying out new food in new places, because it’s all a part of the experience and I find that I can justify it more when I’m in a foreign city, rather than my home city? 🙂

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