I have nothing to wear

“Closet bursting full of clothes and nothing to wear,”

Isn’t that the truth many girls face?

One of the locations where I work is nestled in the financial district of my city. Naturally, day in day out you’d see dapper dressed men and women going about their day, in and out of the office buildings, coffee shops, restaurants. Of course, many of the men look the same to me, hardly distinguishable from one another in their all so serious silver and blue suits from Giorgio Armani with near identical Ferragamo shoes, completed with haircuts that’d make Patrick Bateman weep.

Oh if they could only stand out from one another – actually wasn’t that the plot of American Psycho?

One would think, being a woman, the choice of dress would be more lax, however, that is NOT true at all.

If anything, in this society, women are pressured to look effortless while actually putting a lot of time and energy into how they look.

And by doing so, we spend more on grooming and clothing that’s beyond the essentials of basic haircare and skincare. Sure you could argue men have to shave and groom as well, but…so do women, especially during the Summer. i.e: think waxing and other hair removal regimes women go through to look socially acceptable.

There had always been more pressure for women to look good but only recently did I realize how much that pressure was – case and point, not only the countless magazines marketed to women but also social pressure – for example, if I don’t wear makeup, suddenly, people wonder if something had happened.

Um, no? I just woke up and decided to come in barefaced.

Since when is showing up looking like you actually do something out of the ordinary?

When did my face became fair game for what should/shouldn’t be done with it?

To add insult to injury, I also noticed that – I literally have nothing ‘new’ to wear this summer. Minor problem, or you’d think. Not that simple.

I had been scouring the internet, hunting for ‘deals’ for summer wear, and after hours I find myself settling for four pieces of deeply discounted casual wear (that I’m sure will make another girl squeal with joy, if not jump up and down clapping) – at the checkout, surprise  the price tag made me cringe. Do I really want to spend $500 on shorts and summer shoes in one transaction…sure, the pieces were made in Italy, but really, I’d rather be in Italy than own something with a tag that says so.

I thought twice about hitting the CHECKOUT button – sure, they’re all designer items that fit my personal aesthetics and no doubt I’d love them when I put them on.

I thought back to the men and women in the district I work in, dressed to impress and found myself exiting the browser altogether.

Nah, the brainwashed masses can eye/judge all they want.

I’m going to give my bank account a much needed rest and worry about something that truly matters.


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