stuck in life? remember this.

Appreciate the beauty of chance and possibility.

Each one of us is ‘stuck’ in his or her version of perceived reality.

Preferring comfort over change, we almost forget that we were and still are the product of continuous growth and change.

Each day, no matter how monotonous it may seem, is different and so are you.

You are given the opportunity to do something new, try something new.

If you didn’t like the version of you you were yesterday, then try something new today.

“Why that’s a crazy idea!” you might exclaim in return.

But what isn’t?

The fact that you wake up every morning and connect to the world through an electric device people a century ago couldn’t even have dreamt of seems pretty ‘crazy’. And if that doesn’t get you thinking just how much ‘change’ humans experienced throughout recorded history, and of course let’s not forget the change the entire universe has gone through to make our existence possible.

Bottom line: don’t fear change, embrace it.


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