truth behind the struggle

The struggle is not where we falter in success.

The real pain is struggling with no end in sight. 

Imagine, a drowning swimmer, wildly flailing their arms in hopes of grasping onto anything other than the depth he is trapped in. 

Without a plan, a pattern, his flails will eventually end in his demise.

It is much like fighting a war you don’t believe in.

If you already think you’re going to drown…

Going through the motions without purpose is one of the biggest hindrance to success.

You have to believe in what you do.

Of course, as I sit here, I’m eavesdropping on a conversation in Starbucks that has a guy going on and on about the new product he’s trying to sell to buyers.

And the product couldn’t get more mundane.


He’s marketing water.

But as I sit here, for the past hour, surfing the web. He’s been going on without much of a break to catch his breath about his ‘product’.


Although I honestly don’t believe all the glamourized benefits of what he’s selling – since you could easily get it in the tap – I do admire him for his efforts. To be able to do what he’s doing requires effort and time, I do wonder, if he didn’t believe in what he was doing, would he sit down with people for hours at a time and talk to them about his spin on ‘water’?

Probably not.

He probably already envisioned something greater than what he’s ‘pouring’ out verbally, but really, I find myself relating to him in a way, although other people might disagree, given my current circumstances, overworking is essential.

In order to acquire what I desire, I must put forth time and effort to something I believe in.

In the past, I faltered in this department, for it was a numbers game – I believed in, to achieve a happy life you needed ‘x’ amount of ‘currency x’ in the bank account and how much would I be compensated for my efforts, instead of focusing on what I can contribute to the world. What do YOU have to offer that coincides with what you really want to do, and not what others want for you for the next X amount of years – what kind of lifestyle do you ultimately want to achieve? What sorts of people do you want to have in your life? Are you going to be happy with your eventual set up?

These questions are so much more important than the ‘how many zeroes do you expect on that paycheque?’ These questions are something I asked myself since I returned from Europe. Success is not a numbers game – humans beings are too complex, there are experiences in life that cannot be swapped in or out with ‘x’ amount of dollars/euro/pounds/yen. Regrets can’t be washed away with currency. I’d rather have a priceless existence with no regrets – and that’s the only way, I’d know that all my effort and struggles have been worth it.


5 thoughts on “truth behind the struggle

  1. A really great point you make early on here…the struggle is FUN if you believe it will pay off. It becomes just a part of the process. This is why we need a definite plan, and clearly defined goal.

    1. Couldn’t agree with you more. I was thinking about this the other day almost falling asleep on the commute back. I was dead tired, but I kept imagining the great time I’m going to have later on this year and the people I’m going to see again. That made everything worth it.

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