I’d rather eat cereal

My tastebuds must’ve been immature over that gently seared salmon steak over greens and risotto, accompanied by bubbling mineral water.

One thing I realized before the food was even served was a sense of disappointment, no, not at the food, but at those joining me for lunch.

I was under the impression, because of the nature of the job, the team would be filled with young and ambitious individuals looking to make something of themselves.


First impressions are everything to me and I generally feel that no matter what situation my gut feelings are correct 90% of the time.

This lunch, things did not sit right with me. It was my time to probe too, as much as their time to get to ‘know’ me as well. I have a tendency to become quiet and let other people do the talking instead. I also have a tendency to keep to myself when I already know I have very little to relate to others.

On top of that, I noticed there was already an ‘in crowd’ and that ‘in crowd’ dare I say have never changed.

Ah, a lunch that would’ve caused me indigestions and a headache if I wasn’t careful.

Instead, I chose to play it my way – I touched on touchy issues and current issues just to test if they were the type of people I would get along with and actually want to work with for the next however long I decide to stay with the company. And unfortunately for them, I can already say, I’m jumping at the next opportunity I get – which fortunately for me, is very very soon – considering later on that day I was offered another position elsewhere with better prospects.

Sure, I have yet to tell them, but the moral of the story is, you gotta do what you gotta do.

If something doesn’t agree with you, spit it out before it gives you indigestion.

It’s not rude to turn down something you don’t like, even if they paid you – remember, your time is invaluable, so don’t waste it trying to get used to something you don’t even like in the first place. As in, don’t pretend you like the sophistication of a fancy restaurant meal when all your heart desires is that bowl of chocolate cereal with cold milk.


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