business lunches

How does the idea of sitting down with strangers and comfortably sharing a meal over ‘talks’ sound to you?


I hope so.

I have such a meal scheduled on the menu today and it just occurred to me today that business lunches are more than just sitting down with the team, or clients, it in fact, presumes that everyone will get along during the hour long or so event. It presumes good will. It also gives those around you to find out more about you, either explicitly through speech, or implicitly through behaviour, or even, what you show up in.

Yes, you can see I’ve given a lot of thought into this experience.

But I’m young, this is new to me, and you could say I’m eager to please, though I do not want to make it look like so. I do admit I’m both nervous and excited. More so excited than nervous, since I’m more about learning and gaining experiences more than anything else. All in all, this should be fun. 


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