7 benefits of outdoors running:

Confession: I’m one of those people who has a gym membership but doesn’t use it…

Yes. Guilty as charged.

I initially got the membership so that I’ll ‘go’ when the weather’s being less than ideal. But then, the weather’s been awesome lately and I tell myself, ah, I’ll well I’ll just go next time…except next time turned into next week and next week turned into next month to the point the thought of a treadmill among a row of identical treadmills in a warehouse like environment puts me off…the place is just so grey and boring (not to mention mechanical)

And you might ask, what have you been doing since you skipped the gym?

Well, I’ve mentioned I took my workouts outside on the road and killed two pairs of runners thus far. But these are the things I’ve noticed since I made the switch.

The pros of running outside:

1. It’s easy. You just put on your running shoes and go, there’s no sign in at the gym, no locking up your stuff, no waiting for machines, you just put your shoes on and start.

2. You’ll workout harder. Running on the road is harder than running on the treadmill. You’ll have to exert more energy to propel yourself forward and the road is not always even in terms of incline, but the plus side of this is you get more resistance out of your workout and you’re forced to workout harder.

3. You’ll improve faster. This goes hand in hand with getting a harder workout. When I started running outside I was baffled at how I could run from what seems like forever to breathing heavy in fifteen minutes. Then I discovered, it was due to my bad running form, which served me alright on the treadmill but the road wouldn’t have any of that.

4. You’ll see how far you’ve gone. One of my favourite things is probably mileage, knowing that I’ve ran farther today than I have yesterday. On the treadmill it’s always a number, but without much visual, but with the visual, it’s a more satisfying experience.

5. The scenery. This is often overlooked, the scenery and the fresh air, wind in your face feeling is a lot more rewarding than the clanking of machines and stuffiness of the gym environment. (And capture moments like the photo cover of this post, heron in the water at sunset.) 

6. You can switch it up! You don’t have to stick to neighbourhood blocks, if tracks, trails and the beach are available, why not try it? It’ll freshen up your workout.

7. Make it a social event! Grab a friend, set a date and go for a run to catch up, why not switch up the coffee date for some adrenaline filled goodness?


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