In the spirit of FIFA: 5 Days

The Women’s FIFA World Cup officially kicked off on June 6th in Canada and I’ve been following the matches online. I’m not a big sports fan per se, but I found myself tuning in nevertheless out of curiosity. I found myself drawn into the games, not only by the game itself, but by the great athleticism displayed by the women.

It got me thinking, why do we admire great athletes?

And the conclusion I’ve drawn comes down to what it takes to become a great athlete.

Not only is there the great dedication to the sport, the gruelling training regimes most of us couldn’t even fathom (for example, most of us would never voluntarily…training under the scorching sun on an artificial turf for hours on end just to perfect a maneuver, or run so many laps to build endurance so we can last more than 90 minutes on the field – we might kick a ball around for fun but we wouldn’t see the need to perfect the art that is soccer.)

But soccer players do.

They train for it and dedicate their lives to it.

They don’t mind the sweat and the tears.

It’s their passion and purpose.

That’s what we see reflected when we watch a game, the result of their hard work, from their toned physiques to their extraordinary skills, for one purpose – their sport. This in itself is inspirational for me for several reasons because it affirms my beliefs in the statement of:

“Do it with passion, or not at all.”

There’s no being ‘half-there’, if you are ‘half-there’ you’d be lucky if you see ‘half’ the result.


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