what your boss really wants

You are punctual.

You get the job done well and in a timely manner.

Treat everyone in the office with respect.

There’s more to performance than just getting the ‘work’ done.

What more could I do?

Performance, like all things intangible is variable from day to day. While in a perfect world, everyone arrives to work fresh eyed and well rested from a restful weekend with the recommended 7-8 hours of sleep, that in itself is highly unlikely. On top of that, with personalities in play – like a hand of playing cards, in a team environment it could get quite chaotic and hard to know where you stand. When you are at a loss for an answer for what your boss really expects, remember this:

Your boss expects the person they hired.

You know, the persona you projected when you sat across from them during the interview.

That is, the enthusiastic, capable, promising individual with zest and hunger for a challenge.

Now. Envision that person.

Is that person a quitter?

Does that person shy away from challenges?

Are they confident or insecure?

Where they all there, focused on the tasks at hand?

Now think back, are you that person now?

If not, take a deep breathe and try again.

Enthusiasm and positivity go a long way.


3 thoughts on “what your boss really wants

  1. I think sometimes it’s important for the boss to do the same self-checklist. 🙂 the employee wants to work for the same friendly, open minded boss he met in the interview too lol.

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