declutter and reorganize: Day 12

“You look like a hobo,”

“That’s the look I’m going for,”

Over the weekend I had the ‘pleasure’ to finally set foot in the dark and disorganized space that is my closet space. Fortunately, it wasn’t bursting at the seams, nor did I land underneath a mountain of stuff that just came bursting out. However, a frown swept across my face as light filtered into the piles of ‘stuff’ that I owned, ‘stuff’ I haven’t seen since the last time I opened up my closet (which is…probably sometimes in February, if not March, when I finally put away my suitcase…)

Of course, mind you, I haven’t purchased any new additions between last December and now June (and for a fashion conscious girl, I’d say, this is a small victory on my part). It’s not so much  as ‘denying’ myself of purchasing new items, it’s simply because, I don’t get excited every time I see a SALE sign up somewhere anymore, or those sneaky SALE CODES that appear in my GMAIL inbox.

Yes. When it comes down to it, I have very little time to wear frivolous pieces and even less space in the closet to store them. Especially, after I cleaned out my closet to the internal monologues of ‘Ugh I have no space and nothing to wear and oh my God I still have that from high school and what was I thinking when I bought that?!’

Now whenever I see a SALE sign, I think to myself – well, let’s hope whoever snags a deal have bigger closet space than I do. 

Clothing wise, I’ve started to notice a few things in recent years (each of these points easily merit their own posts:

1. Weekly SALE: Retailers are ALWAYS having sales: there are countless stores crammed in at any given shopping mall and within each there are even more SALE racks for your choosing pleasure – all of them vie for a piece of our budget. Something might be a good deal, but when it’s all said and done, do you really NEED it and are you actually going to WEAR it?

2. Fast Fashion: Fast, cheap, easily accessible with dubious quality and lacklustre designs, if not, designs copied off of what’s being shown on the runway – is NOT attractive. There’s so many reasons to why it isn’t – think about the environmental consequences, the wastefulness and human rights issues behind it all – while Economics would have that higher productivity contributes to economic growth on paper, but at what cost socially and environmentally?

3. Lack of Choice: Ironically, despite the hundreds of retailers and brands, I feel that there’s only a handful of labels or companies out there that’s truly authentic in their design and craftsmanship to the point it inspires me to put it on. There’s no ingenuity shown through ‘high street’ shop fronts – it is as if though what was ‘IN’ five years ago, is still a go – but just in twenty more or so varieties at 50% OFF. Your clothing also says quite a bit about you – as one could never be too overdressed, or overeducated (though one’s more apparent than the other).

4. Herd behaviour: In relation to point 3, alas, I don’t believe the aforementioned points slow down consumption at all. Whereas, I’m growing increasingly weary of what’s on offer, my friends seem to be loving deals and the bag loads of polyester and nylon they haul home with them and showing up in different outfits overtime I see them. I’m getting the feeling I’m the oddball who’s not only not getting with the system, but also the killjoy pointing out the flaws.

Of course, there are many more examples I could give, but the take home point is, this mid-year clean out made me conscious, not only of what I have in my closet but the actual utilization rate of garments in there, which is shockingly low – I don’t wear half of what I own on a regular basis…at this rate, it’s safe to say I can make it another half a year without acquiring any new additions.


5 thoughts on “declutter and reorganize: Day 12

    1. What really gets to me is the time and effort spent by companies stimulating ‘desire’ and ‘consumption’ and time and effort spent by ‘consumers’ to somehow not feel they’re not out of the loop with others. But then you take a step back and you think about it, who’s really winning this game? Sure, there are monetary gains in sales for the firms, but in the end when wastes go into landfills and take up precious space and give off harmful chemicals, that’s a loss/loss for both.

  1. A few years ago I fasted from shopping for personal clothing items, jewelry, makeup, etc. for a year. It was great! My kids enjoyed it too because when we shopped I wasn’t distracted by all the “sales”.

    1. That sounds like a great thing to do. Personally, I think it’s all about mindset and how much do you ‘value’ what’s being generated. I used to find myself shopping when I’m bored or stressed, or when I feel that somehow I needed ‘more’ clothes to fill some void. But then I realized what it really was and now I’m working on finding ‘meaning’ rather than just filling my closet with stuff I think I absolutely must have. 🙂

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