be your own guide: 22 days

Recently, I’ve been moving my workouts outdoors, with the weather warming up and the sun rising earlier in the day, running outside has become a go to of mine once more.

Not only that, but I also invested in a simple running app from the app store and synced my phone to track progress.

I’ve been running for a while now, and explored different terrains and tracks locally:

i.e: the local high school track, the professional grade track, the concrete blocks around my neighbourhood, and in nature.

What I’ve noticed is something rather peculiar.

Though what I’m doing is the same, I always perform better on the professional tracks and the nature route – and this got me thinking…is this applicable to day to day life as well?

While the two settings are wildly different, they both have something in common: they’re both ‘inspiring’ albeit in different ways.

As silly as it might sound, on the professional track I envision myself as a professional athlete, meanwhile out on a nature run, I think of myself as an explorer.

Then suddenly, it’s not the same old, ‘boring’ running routine anymore. It becomes fun and engaging.

Then I started thinking, a healthy dose of imagination goes a long way.

People achieve greatness not because it was ‘realistic’, they achieve it because they envisioned it being possible and then showed the world just that. 


One thought on “be your own guide: 22 days

  1. You’re right–envisioning success is a big part of achieving it. And one I (and I would venture to guess others as well?) often forget. Thanks for the reminder.

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