don’t ignore it: 25 days

Don’t ignore it, what you really want.

Figuring out what you want in life is hard.

It is especially hard if life is pulling you in all sorts of directions and every choice you make is another choice unmade.

Of course, those dear to you want the best for you.

However that is not to say what they ‘want’ for you, their vision of a ‘prosperous life’ align with what you truly value and the life you see for yourself.

I used to think if I just told myself ‘no’ and somehow ‘shut off’ those ‘unrealistic fantasies’ then I could just be ‘productive’ member of society – a proud worker ant so to speak.

The thing is, however, I don’t think the world needs another zombie, working out of fear of what she might lose, rather than passion. This is a thing I noticed in today’s work culture. A lot of energy and talent are ‘wasted’ over arbitrary managing procedures and even more efficiency is lost due to this numbing notion that we must amass wealth to show for our success.

But wait a minute here – whoever said ‘success’ = $$$$$ in the bank account?

And does $$$$$ actually = the values you seek?

Or is it just a substitute, a pacifying representation of security and comfort.

Lately, I’ve been piecing together segments of dreams I have had since I was a teenager. Silly things I used to dream of like having a place to call home on 3 continents (North America, Europe, Asia) or escaping winter altogether by owning 2 homes, one in the Northern hemisphere and one in the south, penning a fantasy novel, or even becoming a polyglot.

The thing is, when I placed these little things together, a larger picture emerged and what I wanted began to make sense. And from that bigger picture I made a rough list of the things I actually want in life.

  1. Location Independence
  2. Knowledge, Mastery and Expertise at what I do
  3. Being challenged at what I do
  4. Liberal/progressive atmosphere
  5. Interesting people / conversations / moments
  6. Genuine connections
  7. To enjoy life.

And here, I realized, for me the goal was never three houses on three different continents. It was about creating a life where I’m constantly in motion and being so engaged in my life that I don’t think about what I’m going to do ‘on the weekend’ or ‘downtime’ or ‘on vacation’. I just want to be fully immersed in the work that I do, so much so, it becomes a lifestyle, rather than ‘just a job’.


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