deadlines: 30 days

The best way to get something done is to set a deadline.

And I have a personal deadline that must be met between now and next month (before I start my new job).

Yes, it’s by chance and luck that I stumbled across the opportunity which I am very curious about in terms of the new responsibility and challenges (more about that here). Aside from that I’m also in talks with another company – needless to say, I’m doing my best in exploring various options.

At this point in my life it’s not about stability, nor about salary. I’m specific about my expectations. I want to learn, I want to grow. I’m interested in trying out new things, taking risks and that means changing up frequently in order to be inspired.

Of course, this extends to my personal life as well.

30 Days is the time I have in between, and though I already set monthly goals and follow – I feel that I can really use this time-frame to push myself and come up with a new course of action. Stay tuned. 


One thought on “deadlines: 30 days

  1. It’s impressive that it’s not about stability or salary right now for you. Where you find yourself Is where you’ll find the most appreciation for what you do. Nice.

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