eh, no.

Earlier today I interviewed for a job – a few startling things jumped out at me that surprised myself:

Boldness: I was never ‘bold’ as I’ve been brought up to be considerate of other people’s feelings, at times, I felt I was too ‘considerate’ and ended up being a doormat when I could’ve been more assertive. This interview today – I wasn’t nervous at all. I went in bare-faced, which for some this is a big no-no. (Of course I’d showered and put on the clothes I felt confident in, but no makeup) why? Because I felt that this job, although image is a part of it – it shouldn’t be a requirement. I am qualified enough for an interview and I was opinionated during. I spoke my mind, perhaps too candidly (this could be a good thing) if they can’t handle me as how I am – then I don’t really want to work there (of course, I also have the luxury of ‘choice’ as this job is just something I applied to on a whim, not something I’d be upset if I get it.)

Confidence:  For the most part, job interviews, I used to think are assessments I need to ‘excel’ at. Now, I see them as assessments of ‘needs’ – the potential employee’s needs and wants need to matchup with the employer’s needs and wants – I didn’t see the ‘need’ to ‘fake’ anything. So I just laid it all out on the table, quite politely so (again, this could be due to me not wanting the job that much in the first place and just wanting to see what kind of the working environment would be, and rub shoulders with people within the industry to see how I fit in.)

Connection: To be honest, I had more to ‘connect’ with the upper management who flew in from Europe than I did the local management…well, to be honest I think the poor girl looked a little lost and needed directions and I can see, that if I was hired for the position, I’d have to help her ‘lots’. Not sure if I want to be that person, but at the same time I’m a bit bummed out about this being one on one rather than ‘group’. So I have no idea who’s on the team if hired, and also the fact that I ‘connected’ with upper management more while the local manager sat in silence might not be a good sign for obvious reasons.

Negotiation: A skill I didn’t even know I had fully possessed until it was used today – how excellent.

All in all, I’m very curious to see how this company will do in the area and what will happen since my friends and I are convinced that this place will surely ‘flop’ (hah, not a great sign) either way, I’m very curious to the team assembled at the end, even if I’m ‘not’ part of the team. 

In other news, it’s officially May (for those of you who hasn’t noticed…)!!! And I’m scrambling up funds to…dundundun, you guessed it, Europe. Honestly, the more I stay here, the more I miss things over there. It’s inexplicable to others – but for me, it’s just in my heart, so I will work for it and work hard for it, cause who wouldn’t love to spend this New Year in Amsterdam and actually go catch up with my friends in Denmark over too many beers, shop end of season sales in Stockholm and just see everyone I’ve been missing since I’ve left and drink some Leffe that isn’t heavily taxed and who could forget, Maoz Vegetarian Falafels in Amsterdam with unlimited topping…just so much things to look forward to, and awesome company as opposed to the mind numbing atmosphere here…

Of course, there’s still…a good 7 months away, and if life taught me anything is that things could happen in a week, a month, let alone 7 months. While I already have an idea of how I want things to go, I’m also completely open to opportunities that might present itself along the way.


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