may: note to self

This is to be updated, but right now, I need to get this off my chest.

I’m due for a lunch meeting for a job that I’m on the fence about.


Because, jobs are partial what you do and partial ‘culture’.

If you don’t get along with your work culture – I firmly believe that you’d have a very miserable time bringing home the bacon. While it is essential to be respectful of others – you’d also have to draw the line somewhere.

What if your office is full of people you know you just wouldn’t mesh with?

This post serves as a reminder to stay true to myself and just say:


Do I really need this job?


Why am I going to the interview again?

‘Because, I’m curious about the cool people I might meet, and I guess the flakes I’ll learn to avoid.’

Ah, look at the time, must get ready, to be continued.


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