the paradox of risks

As I sit here during break, eating organic greek yogurt topped with organic cherry jam, my mind begins to wander.


Even as I sit here, carrying out this innocuous task of relaxation and refuelling, I’m reminded things do not turn out the way we plan for.

I spent more than I would’ve for the yogurt and jam, not because of its taste, but because I believe that it’s the ‘healthier’ option for a snack as opposed to chips and cookies.

Through my action, I’m also aware that I care about my long term health.

However, I’m not prepared for say, a natural disaster that might strike in the next second or so.

Anything could happen.

I spent my early twenties in a ‘risk adverse’ zone – the younger me believed things in life are earned and awarded by merit (and in a perfect world, in all fairness and justice, it would be) I was taught to prefer ‘safety’ and ‘comfort’ over ‘adventure’.

As I matured however, I began to realize, the things in life are never handed out – no. They’re earned through risk and stress and a lot of tears and hard work and struggle. I’ve learned to never giving up on any opportunity and at times I’ve been forced to make my own luck.

Yes. As I’ve come to realize, life is sort of like an action adventure game, where there’s different risks associated with activities – but, don’t get me wrong. Sitting around and doing nothing is the biggest ‘risk’ of all – because you are risking all these amazing learning experiences and lessons when you check out and ‘do nothing’.

The risk of not trying is too great and as soon as I realized this, I’ve become more daring in my undertakings, more bold and confident. Opening myself up to new people and new experiences have so far been an amazing experience – after embracing ‘uncertainties’ – I’ve notice I’d become more alive, as if a fighter in the ring, waiting to crush the next obstacle life decides to throw.

That said, I hope this post motivates you to do something either you always wanted to do, today, or make a commitment to do it – because why not, right? Why take life so seriously that all spontaneity is lost.


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