left or right?

“I don’t do that anymore,”


“Because it neither contribute to my happiness, growth or productivity,”

Simple answers like this should be easy to accept, or so I thought. It’s logical.

But people – or this person thought I was acting ‘strange’ for my age.


Moving forward sometimes meaning ditching a few wayward habits. Like staying up too late for no reason or sacrificing not talking to your friends on other side of the world just so you could get up at the crack of dawn and do good work, which currently include coffee, planning the day ahead, getting some ‘me’ time in and exercise.

As I’ve told one of my friend – ‘if this thing has no inherent meaning or logic behind it, you won’t see me doing again. My time is really limited – as in, I have a lot on my plate as of late’ and it isn’t I don’t welcome this busy-ness, I do. I just want to make sure this busy-ness gets me somewhere other than the seemingly well deserved sigh on Friday – ‘Thank goodness’

Sure, a workweek is ending. But are you doing enough work to deserve that sigh?

Not saying you didn’t put in on average 40 hours at the office but what did you do this week that contributed to your personal growth? What made you go ‘aha!’ and give yourself something a little extra in moving yourself forward to where you want to be?

And a quote from one of my favorite movies that goes something like this.

“Left and right doesn’t matter, as long as you are going forward.”


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