we’ll see what happens

“Did I tell you, I’m going to Hawaii?”

“You’re going to Hawaii?”

Yes, the conversation went something like this – a friend who was recently sacked from his job told me easily over a cup of coffee but most importantly a big smile on his face as if he didn’t sweat the small things and the time in between now and his departure in June.

Then he began outlining all he wanted to do in Hawaii and needless to say I started to be very skeptical of this plan.

There was only a month and a half away from June, not even when he told me this. And I kept on thinking, is that a wise idea, bleeding your funds dry and just seeing what happens?

But he’s a grown up and from the way he told me. He didn’t seem mortified by his fortunes.

“I could take an easy job between now and then,” he says with another easy wave of his hand, “we’ll see what happens.”

The same could not be said about most people I know – not only would they be freaking out about not having a job to support themselves, but in this day and age, unemployment also go hand in hand with the feeling of incompetency – you couldn’t help but think, is it just ‘bad luck’ or am I somehow ‘defective’ from the rest?

Yet, he wasn’t too bothered. Possibly from his nomadic life style and trust that he’ll find something eventually. Or perhaps, he knew that negativity never helped anyone, and that while employment and security is something good to have – free time on the other hand is invaluable.

The average working person spends 8 hours a day at work, then when they’re not working, they’re thinking about work – and of course, there’s commuting to work and then it suddenly isn’t 8 hours anymore – out of the 24 hours in a day – some of us spend more time at work, or thinking about work than necessary. And in a way, this works out well to numb the feeling the wishing there was something ‘more’ out of life, and some of us fall asleep to an image of blue coastlines and fantasy vacations we’ll probably never get to take – due to, well, the mountains of excuses we come up to not take them.

Remember, ‘life’ often get in the way and you have other responsibilities.

But does it have to be this way? Can’t we be more carefree and go with the flow so to speak?

So I started thinking, maybe I should take some time off and take a trip in the fall. Just to get away. But then all I could think about is – oh, but that’s gonna be $$$, and you could put that towards a savings account, and or, get the DSLR camera you so wanted to get – but on the other hand, I’m thinking, the city I live in, fails to excite me, fascinate me.

Everyday I wake up and I’m at a loss of things to do, even though there’s a ton of things on my to do list. And quite frankly, at this point, I don’t know what’s gonna help more – knowing that I’m putting money away for security, or knowing that a change of scenery is upon me, very very soon!


4 thoughts on “we’ll see what happens

  1. Yup. I’d be freaking out. I wouldn’t be taking a trip. But, that’s me. Some people would say, what better time to travel when you don’t have a job anyway? I sometimes wish I could be that carefree. I’m retired, so “theoretically” I could be traveling. I’m not.

    1. We all come from our own bundle of circumstances and responsibilities. The take away point is doing what makes you happy. If staying put makes you happier than traveling then do so, if traveling makes you happier than staying put then do that. What my friend brought to my attention is the sense of restlessness young people have – because we have very little to lose, but always live authentic and be true to what you really want.

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