leap of faith

I love meeting creative people from all over the world and connecting with them. When we talk, we exchange past adventures and future visions. This week, I had the fortune of meeting a traveling photographer from Belgium and needless to say, his ‘come what may’ attitude and his bold personality inspired me to be more open and daring.


And we put this inspiration to the test.

To put it simply, I climbed a rooftop yesterday.

And to do so, I had to cross a very narrow beam which was about three meters long, but maybe only the size of two iPhones laid out side by side in width.

He did it with no problem.

I on the other hand…well, skeptical at first – I think I studied the beam for a good minute before a sense of fear overtook me, because I kept looking at the periphery, where it was slanted roof and if anything to go amiss it probably wouldn’t have looked pretty.

But then I realized, I’m overthinking.

The task at hand was simple – ‘cross the beam’.

It wasn’t ‘look at what might happen if you don’t’ and the consequences thereafter.

Needless to say, since I’m here in one piece and writing this – I got over the beam, with a leap mid way to land on the other side of the roof. It was an adrenaline filled three seconds, then relief.

Then I started to think, maybe this is what we all need once in a while. Just concentrate on the task at hand, believe in yourself, and make the jump.


4 thoughts on “leap of faith

  1. Yours is the exact kind of blog I’m looking to follow. Simple, to the point, and interesting. I hope you’ll follow back. Keep up the good work!


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