motivational monday!

Let’s start off this week on a positive note, something I’ve slowly realized over time.

When I first heard the saying, ‘happiness is a choice’ I was highly skeptical, as by nature I’m a highly logical individual that believed in ‘cause’ and ‘effect’, or as I would later learn in my undergraduate discipline: ‘correlation’.

In short, sunshine, good weather, ice cream are correlated with positive moods, and rain, overcast and flat tires are associated with negative moods.

I was all too ready to accept, after all, when you presented information like that, it gave everyone ‘reason’ to be happy or sad. Right? So if I was feeling one way or another and had evidence to justify so, I was ‘reasonable’ right?

Yes, of course.

And for a long while I thought this way, only this ‘logical’ way of dealing with everything was draining. It seemed that the bad always buried the good and so, I was fixated on the 9999+ faults and problems on my plate to solve – and you can probably guess, this is not a formula to happiness – which is ironic, because my major was Psychology.

But then, life taught me lessons I never grasped in books. I started to realize. It just didn’t matter. It didn’t matter if the sky’s grey or the sun’s shining – don’t wait for happiness! Why? Because, can you be perfectly happy the moment you ‘decide’ to be. (It took me a while to grasp this, but really, you can.)

Happiness is indeed a choice, there is no ‘because xyz’ – happiness is something exuded from within, even on rainy days you could look on the bright side and hope for the best – and it should be shared with those around. Why? Because happiness is highly contagious! And trust me, when you see other people happy because of you, you’d be very happy too (if you still need a reason, and if you don’t believe me, try it!)

So, when you can, you should always choose happiness – because it’s in difficult times that we learn and in the aftermath we celebrate, only celebration is short lived, but happiness shouldn’t be.

Life is a process. It’s not the triumph at the end that’s the sweetest, rather, the personal journey we carry out from day to day matters as much as the end result if not more. So, don’t ‘wait’ to be happy at the end – instead, choose to be happy and just be. 🙂


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