insomniac number crunching

It’s currently…way past my bedtime, yes, I have somehow made the mistake of consuming that extra cup of dark roast Colombian coffee this afternoon, since the weather’s been a bit unforgiving for Spring – but all is not lost, as I just went and put my insomnia to good use over some very preliminary number crunching about my possible trip this winter, which started with train routes.

What’s the best and cheapest way around Europe?

After a quick search around.

Trains! (which at times, are not very suitcase friendly, unlike airplanes)

So key point, pack light – bring an extra small suitcase and a backpack, be a minimalist, but with a better camera this time! (too many beautiful moments I just do not want to miss! Like that one time in Stockholm, when I climbed up a very snowy Söder Mälarstrand which gave me a spectacular view of the Riddarholmen – and I remember shedding actual tears…yes, actual tears, not because it was freezing, but because the view had been so beautiful and I just can’t believe I’m looking at it with my own eyes…more on that later – probably will do a separate blog post on it to do it justice.)

Any who, so I figured out a preliminary budget and at the moment – well, it doesn’t look good, why? Because if I didn’t watch my budget, as shown by the chart, I could easily overspend…yes as most of us would on a vacation, but I’m not exactly treating this as a vacation – rather, an expedition/adventure where I would keep things to a minimum (since I almost brought the entire shopping mall home with me during my last trip…an exaggeration yes, but it sure feels that way and really there was no reason for that – so I’ll behave and bypass Copenhagen, one of my favorite shopping destinations, this time…)

Instead, I aim to see more of Sweden, Germany and the Netherlands in this trip (that is, if I take it…though I hope I would despite the sacrifices of making sure my day to day budget worked out and forgoing frivolous spending which is not always fun, and of course saving, on top of minding tuition fees and going to school, which sounds like and is a lot of things all in one – that said, I do have a long way until December to make the decision and of course if this winter trip doesn’t workout, I could easily save the money for another time. I do have ambitions to test out this nomadic location independence gig that’s so popular with people in their 20s nowadays and I could put it away for the long run.)


4 thoughts on “insomniac number crunching

  1. Ah, you’re living out my dream right now. I’ll be in this planning stage (fingers crossed!) around December of next year, when I begin to play my own adventure around Europe (mainly Northern) for “post-grad enlightenment” 😉

    PS – I love the distinguishment between vacation and adventure. I have made a mental note to think of my grad trip this way – I’m not some rich wig. Hostel life/airbnb life will be the way to go.

    1. !! How exciting, I do hope you make the trip! I was there in December of last year and I absolutely fell in love with everything and even before I came home I knew I had to go again. I’m sure you’ll love it, the North is wonderful and I feel a bit underrated because most people think ah, Paris, Venice or Athens or Rome and Milan when they think ‘European Holiday’ – but the North’s got its charms that I’m very partial to – like did I mention the shopping? Hah. Yeah, truthfully, I think that’s what I noticed too, after I came home with A LOT of new clothes and accessories from Northern Europe, because I couldn’t help myself…but then now I look back and I’m like…all that sort of didn’t matter and those wonderful garments aren’t being utilized properly when I’m at home since I don’t feel the need to dress up and impress in North America, fashion in my hometown is a completely different thing, so those nice pieces are just hanging in my closet, sort of acting as a reminder, you need to go back again so you can wear them and rock it haha! Wow, I rambled, but yeah, let’s keep in touch. I love getting to know fellow explorers! All the best!

      1. Exactly! Northern Europe has that untouched utopian vibe to me. And I agree, I don’t think they’re quite as swarmed by tourists and wealthy women getting their Prada and Louis Vuitton on. Last time I was in Europe was with my family and I just think, MAN, I wish my family went TODAY so I could soak up everything so much more! So true about the fashion too – on campus, you would never know that I actually care about fashion quite a bit haha. I go the “gym wear” route too often.

        And I’d love to keep in touch – especially with someone I can so easily and enjoyably live vicariously through! 😉

      2. Definitely! Before I went to Sweden I was told that Swedes are very cold and keep to themselves but I don’t think that’s the case at all. I found people there as easygoing and they were all very nice and helpful. You’ll also be surprised how well they spoke English (at least from my experience.) I felt bad for not knowing 5 words of Swedish…really, it’s not fair 😦

        Fashion wise, I’m totally in love with Scandinavian minimalism. While in Denmark, #allblackeverything is definitely in, and also very minimalistic styles but of course everyone looked so put together and well dressed without the caked on makeup and ‘blings’ you’d see in North America…very natural looks that accentuates one’s natural beauty gets thumbs up from me. Over here, I feel that people do what they see in the media and try to emulate, over there people do whatever works for them, which is definitely refreshing to see.

        Hah, awesome! I will definitely keep you updated 🙂

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