I had a dream

You think about it in your waking moments, then dream about when you close your eyes.

I had a dream I was back in Amsterdam for some reason, having a sit down with a Dutch friend then effortlessly we both started to speak Dutch and the thing is, I understood quite well.

Though I’m no fan of Freudian school of psychology, I do believe (however unscientific it might be) there’s some truth to dreams, at least, sometimes if you reflect upon them, they actually point you in the direction where your conscious mind might not want to wander for it’s just ‘easier’ to go from day to day in the same environment.

But then the day to day is not exactly inspiring.

And this dream was just showing me, where I actually wanted to be, prompting me to take action, and if I think about it – the beginning of April actually also marks the year anniversary of my accident, where I came to the conclusion that I just cannot live the same uninspired life I had for the past few years.

I’ve got to take action and return ASAP – despite how ‘unrealistic’ the logical side is telling me, for now I believe amazing things are not based on logic – it’s based on dreams and a willingness to pursue just that.


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