weekend well spent

As indicated by the size of this red pepper avocado whole wheat bagel sandwich accompanied by a glorious cup of homemade coffee. It was yummy 11/10.

This weekend was definitely adventure packed.

Saturday, I got up early to join an photography meet up that ended up with me speaking like I was on a gag reel – yes, it being too early my mind was still half asleep – here’s hoping the rest of the group had a coffee-wake-up lag also and didn’t notice the mishap.


Fat chance.

The point is, even though I probably came off as awkward I met a lot of cool people.

I guess the thing is there’s always a way to be social as opposed to the Friday night beer guzzling fest at your local watering-hole. Yes.

Did those people become my BFFL ?


And I wasn’t expecting them to, but I did meet a lot of people with similar interests that I would love to see and hangout with again just to talk photography and design. All in all, the experience taught me that anything’s possible. Never give up hope and never stop trying for things you want to do in your life.


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