april: endings are beginnings

March is coming to an end…

Isn’t it amazing how this year is flying by so fast?

I bet before anyone realizes, it’d be June, and half way through 2015! (But I swear this year had just started!)

Isn’t that a scary thought?

And if that isn’t a motivator for you to strive to be the best everyday, I don’t know what is.

Since outcome is collective inputs, which lead to ultimate result – everything you put in today will reflect what will be tomorrow.

Hence, in March – I downloaded RescueTime again, a program that tracks how you spend your time on the computer (which I used to have when I was on a Windows Operating system, now I’m on Mac) and the reports are a bit…just a bit embarrassing in terms of my productivity score.

Needless to say I’m working on changing that. i.e: not checking my emails every 20 minutes like a lunatic (an exaggeration really) – but, overall, March has been a really good month! Here’s a list of things I’ve started on that really enriched my life.

1. TedTalks

2. Coursera (checking out courses outside of my actual schoolwork)

3. Finishing reading books I’ve started (on photography, but nevertheless, they count!)

4. Learning about photography

5. Getting outside to take photos! (+counts as exercise and fresh air at the same time!)

6. Finding joy in small things and spending more time with my family members.

7. Being inspired to travel again!

What I’ve noticed this month is that, when I started to count my blessings and stopped being so hard on myself I’m actually happier than before – sure there’s always going to be stress and obstacles but I feel more equipped to handle them when I looked on the bright side of life and just trusted myself and breathed. (Remember, strive for progress, not perfection!)

For April, I want to build on what I’ve have done for March, with specifics.

1. Turn-off electronics 2 hours before bedtime, and read old school paperbacks instead (why? To ward off sleep interruptions and improve sleep quality)

2. Exercise first thing in the morning (just to get it out of the way, yes.)

3. Play on Duolingo! (yes, play, because language learning should be fun and easy! And hopefully his time when someone asks me “Sprechen Sie Deutsch?” the answer won’t be a “No? Uh, nein” – more on that another time. )

4. Compile a concrete travel list for next time (which is a hard thing, so many places I want to go! Especially in Germany, for whatever reason.)

5. Finish 3 books for April (I’m in the middle of reading quite a few, all of which are nearing quarter mark, but not nearly finished, which I will do in April!!)

6. Go somewhere new, like a new park, or a place I haven’t checked out before in the city (yes, relearning my city and share it through photography.)

That conclude my Sunday afternoon musings my plans for April. I hope everyone’s having a great weekend! What are some of your plans for the new week and the new month?


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