why can’t I be…

“Why can’t I be so and so?”

Simple: I’m too busy being myself.

Yes, I’m sure everyone’s heard some version of this. Being a copy is the waste of the person you are. Yet, it seems very difficult for a person push for that individuality when society more than encourages us to be one way or the other. The ever homogenizing norm, which in my opinion serves as a reference book, but definitely not a guidebook.

Outside of law, conformity to norms often means reward, or certainty of reward. Disobedience often means punishment or high tradeoffs. Or, in my opinion, it could also mean, exploration, in which you colour outside the lines with your life. Risky and bold and uncertain, with no guarantees – yet somehow, more and more, I find this to be more appealing.

It seems very difficult, in a sense to remain individuality in the world where people are often made feel insecure. And I’ve been in my share of situations where I’ve felt more than inadequate. Though, I do believe, this feeling is common and unavoidable in the population, regardless of how confident one might appear there were always be times where one is made to feel uncomfortable about their attributes and quirks. I tend to think that’s what makes people interesting and worth getting to know – their quirks and their edges – things that make them stand out from the masses.

Hence, I don’t see why people or myself even, at times wished to be someone else (perhaps it’s the ease that we see, or the ease we imagine our idols live their lives) but more and more I find myself more contented with the ways I’ve lived my life in recent days. How much I’ve discovered by being open to new experiences.

All in all.

Be authentic and true to yourself.

Anything else is a waste of time.


5 thoughts on “why can’t I be…

  1. I agree! We often wish for someone else’s life but then we’re only wishing for the visual outer surface – the looks, the money or the fame. We fail to see the trials and personal demons of this person and if we did indeed see them in their rawness, I doubt that that picture would be any prettier than our own. Be You is the best advice to give and follow! 🙂

    1. I’m glad you agree. Yes, and we often forget that each one of our struggles is unique and what makes you ‘you’ and not anyone else. Without it we wouldn’t be who we are. Struggles are a part of the process, but then you get over it and see all the times you were working against yourself as something really silly.

      1. Exactly! As the saying goes, ‘the strongest metal is forged in the hottest fire’! We can’t expect our 100th step to resemble someone’s 3896th when we don’t know their stories.

      2. Agreed. I mean when people look at me they don’t see the struggles and they don’t see obstacles I had to cross – I think it’s the same for everyone, it’s what you don’t see that makes up 80% of their success and those 80% might not be what everyone imagines. Plus, more and more I’m beginning to think everyone’s unique. You cannot prescribe a ‘route’ or journey for everyone the whole goto school, get a job, and settle down start a family – while traditional is not something everyone could agree with (or at least, that’s not something I want for myself personally in the next 10 years, hah call me a dreamer.)

      3. I totally get what you mean! I don’t think I’m made for the traditional route either, thought I did think I was for quite a while. Owning a house is just not that high on my priority list. I’m footloose and I do not feel like apologising for it. :/

        I’ve moaned about 17 or 18 being too young an age to decide what to do with the rest of our lives. We’re just really not equipped then to weigh the consequences of setting down a particular path (especially one we have been nudged down by often well-meaning authority figures). And then to most people, a few years down the line when they realise they are miserable, the daunting task of starting over seems just pointless! Ah, such is life…

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