time enjoyed is not wasted

As I sit here with my mug of lukewarm morning coffee in an IKEA cup and laptop browser on current world events. I’m reminded just how blessed to be here in this crazy world which I occupy temporarily.  Sure, there’s responsibilities to attend to on this Tuesday afternoon but for the moment that’s not important. I’m reminded how much there is to life than the microscopic problems an individual might have and might be consumed by.

I hiked in the woods yesterday and it was more therapeutic than I had imagined. Before I put my running shoes on, I was against taking that walk, thinking it a grand waste of time. Time I could be using ‘productively’ as society would tell me. I could be ‘producing’ something of value to others – something I’ve been putting off. Before lacing up, I had a myriad of reasons to not to go and I thought it was typical of a modern human living in a developed world to think it ‘boring’ to go so far out just to walk among the densely forested area nearest to me.

It might even seem odd, to go out of your way to just take a walk when you could be pounding the concrete pavements outside and wearing out your branded sneakers. But then I got there in the dying sunlight and discovered sometimes things don’t turn out the way we imagine. As I went deeper into the forest and dog walkers and runners became few and far in between, the experience just became me, in nature. It wasn’t that there was a lot to see, or a lot of differences in the trees, but to be lost somewhere and to be reminded how peaceful it all was to be away from the hubbub of everyday life that demanded your attention. And it is ironic, as I did so, breathe in deep and recharge, finding that space, I had to remind myself to stop feeling guilty for lost time because this in itself is the process since sitting still and tackling a problem for hours on end like banging your head into a concrete wall is just not functional, and ‘this’ seemingly a waste of time, is necessary.


2 thoughts on “time enjoyed is not wasted

  1. This reminded me of a quote I saw on Pinterest a while ago – “there is no wifi in the forest, but I promise that you will find a better connection.” I agree that sometimes things like taking a walk seem pointless because of the busy lifestyle society sometimes dictates us to have. I like this reminder to get back to the basics and to nature!

    1. Definitely, and declutter from social media. I also realized while growing up I’ve never seemed to have trouble with productivity, since I had no interest in TV and didn’t get a cellphone until I was 17 or 18. Haha. Nowadays, everyone’s glued and plugged into some form of electronic devices and it’s hard to focus on the things you’re doing since email alerts and everything always give you that reason to click away and be distracted. Something to think about and reflect on 🙂

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