Traveling during the Summer vs. Winter

Recently, I’ve started thinking about my next adventure. Whether to take the Summer off and travel or wait until Autumn, or ultimately again Winter. This made me look into a few things such as my budget, costs, length and even the weather. Believe it or not, sunlight hours and temperature determines adventuring. And what I’ve concluded is that, Autumn seems like the best time to travel, why? Because it has benefits of both Summer and Winter, without being too cold and too costly.

The Pros of Autumn

Less to pack in my suitcase (I can travel light without breaking my back, like last time in Stockholm, dragging my suitcase over the snowy landscape wasn’t fun in -12 degrees) In early Autumn the weather’s still agreeable, you could get away with a lot less clothes in your suitcase, or just not bring a gigantic suitcase at all, which means MOBILITY. You could also be more spontaneous with your travels and not worry about extra luggage fees and buy airplane tickets at a much lower price.

More sunlight hours, meaning more things to see and explore! Getting out there and enjoying the city is important. Outdoor activities are always a plus. Save museums for Winter!

People are generally more in a party mood if you meet them when the weather’s nice! (Seriously, everyone seems to just hibernate during the winter time and if you’re into the nightlife, partying is a Summer/Autumn fest.)

You’re avoiding the high season (Summer) travel costs, plane tickets / accommodation, since Autumn is more or less low season. Less costly. For example, you could score return tickets out of LAX to Europe for around 500 USD, which is a deal no matter which way you look at it.


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